Hugo Weaving

The Wolfman's Plot Revealed!

April 3, 2009 may be a long time away for Joe Johnston's remake of Universal's classic Wolfman, but the wait should be worth it. Benicio Del Toro alone makes up for it. If you've been wondering just how close to the original this new venture will be, STYD got a hold of the official synopsis:

New Pics from The Wolfman Set!

For a change, it looks like the next two years may have remakes we horror fans actually want to see. Shocking, I know. While there are some stinkers and iffy titles on the way, The Wolfman stands out mainly because of the talented cast assembled for the project ... and we haven't had too many good werewolf films in recent memory.

More Wolfman Set Pics

If the printed press in the UK is to be believed, everything’s going very well on the set of The Wolfman, the much –anticipated remake staring Benicio del Toro, Anthony Hopkins and Hugo Weaving.

Strange Happenings on the Wolfman Set

I wasn't too sure about running this, but the following "set report" that was forwarded to STYD does make for an interesting read for those of us following Benicio del Toro's Wolfman remake.

Weaving for Wolfman

Another very interesting name has joined the cast of Universal’s upcoming remake of The Wolfman according to today’s Variety: former Smith and Elf King Hugo Weaving.

Wolfman Director Found!

As much as I would’ve enjoyed knowing some other fave director of mine was getting the gig, it’s kinda cool that the “underdog”, as it were, seems to have got the gig directing The Wolfman according to AICN.

More Names on the Wolfman List

Never before have I seen or heard of a film get the kind of directorial list that The Wolf Man is getting now that the original helmer Mark Romanek is off and likely crying in a beer someplace.

Ratner in the Lead for Wolfman

I really wanted to avoid writing about this shit until we had more solid confirmation, and I guess this is good enough; Brett Ratner is not only in talks to take over The Wolfman after original director Mark Romanek’s hasty departure (“Romanek Off Wolfman” – January 2008), but he’s actually the strongest contender according to

Romanek Off Wolfman

Wow, this is unexpected; Mark Romanek (pictured, One Hour Photo) has left Universal’s long-anticipated remake of The Wolfman, which was ramping up production for the last few weeks.

Wolfman Gets a Blunt

I really hate it when actors who are starring in horror films make it very clear from the get-go that they don’t like horror films. Is it a personal thing? Do I feel attacked and defensive because of their wussiness? Is that even a word?

Photo Director on Wolfman

Finally, some movement on the Wolfman redux front has taken place, and thankfully it’s actually good news, not news that, say, Drew Carey has taken over the title role. Now that is scary.