Horror TV

American Horror Story Season 2 Sprinkles In Some French Flavor

More casting news has come our way for the second season of the hit television spooker "American Horror Story". Read on to find out who has joined the ever expanded cast, and let's hope that they are the cause of much evil.

Hemlock Grove Cast Expands By One - Freya Tingley

News of another addition to the cast of Eli Roth's horror project for Netflix, Hemlock Grove, has hit the interwebs, and we've got your details on tap. Read on for the latest!

A Preview of the Being Human (UK) Season Four Finale

The US version of "Being Human" had its Season Two finale this past Monday, and the UK version will be airing its Season Four finale this coming Saturday, April 14th. We have a preview for you of the latter, which proves there's nothing like a vampire takeover to bond new roommates forever!

Supernatural Named TV Guide's Fan Favorite Horror Series

What's this? A publication actually calling a TV series "horror"? Bless you, TV Guide! Miracles do happen! Read on to learn who won the magazine's Fan Favorites Awards this year, which actually include a couple of genre-tinged winners.

New Clips from this Week's Episodes of Todd & the Book of Pure Evil and Holliston

Over the weekend we posted a clip from Episode 2 of "Holliston", and now, in anticipation of tomorrow night's new episodes of that show as well as "Todd & the Book of Pure Evil", we have sneak peeks of both to share.

New True Blood Season 5 Promo Reminds Us Waiting Sucks

Another new promo has arrived for Season 5 of HBO's "True Blood", and this one is a bit nostalgic as it reminds us all just how much waiting sucks. Check it out - we have both the short version and the extended HBO GO version right here!

A Sneak Peek of Grimm Episode 1.17 - Love Sick

Friday the 13th on "Grimm" looks to be a night that continues building upon the events of the past few weeks as Hank remains under Adalind's spell. Check out a preview of and clip from Episode 1.17, "Love Sick", and be sure to tune in the next six weeks for the final eps of the season.

A Sneak Peek of Holliston Episode 2

So, did everyone watch the series premiere of "Holliston" earlier this week? Hopefully so because in order to get you geared up for Episode 2, "Camera Rental", we have a sneak peek of the ep, in which Bill Moseley, Ray Wise, and Parry Shen guest star.

The River Charts Its Way to DVD This May

There's no doubt about it. ABC's journey down "The River" was a rocky one. The freshman show definitely traversed some peaks and valleys, but in the end it got a lot more right than it did wrong. So with the first season wrapped, the question beckons... When can we expect the DVD?

Another Sneak Peek of Grimm Episode 1.16 - The Thing with Feathers

Tonight's episode of "Grimm", titled "The Thing with Feathers", is just a few hours away, and we have another clip to share thanks to the powers-that-be at NBC. In it a frightened woman tries to escape her violent boyfriend; no doubt Nick will lend a helping hand.

Andrew Leeds Joins the Cast of The CW's Cult

Another familiar face has signed on for the pilot of The CW's potential new series "Cult" in the form of "Bones" villain Andrew Leeds, who joins the already announced Jessica Lucas, Matt Davis, Robert Knepper, and Alona Tal.

Supernatural's Chad Lindberg Serves as Guest Investigator on This Week's Ghost Adventures

On The CW's "Supernatural" actor Chad Lindberg played fan favorite "Ash", one of the people who helped the Winchesters take down ghosts and demons. This Friday Lindberg is going to try his hand at the real thing.

A Sneak Peek of this Week's Ghost Adventures' Return to Linda Vista Hospital

If you watch horror movies (and what are you doing here if you don't?), then you've seen the Linda Vista Hospital as the setting for several of them. It's also considered one of the most haunted places in the US, which is why the "Ghost Adventures" team revisit the locale this Friday, April 6th.

The Hub Network Airing a Nine-Hour Marathon of Chills and Thrills this Coming Friday the 13th

Looking for a way to enjoy this coming Friday, April 13th, with your kids (or maybe just indulge the kid inside of you)? Then look no further than The Hub TV Network, which is airing a nine-hour marathon of chills and thrills.

A Clip from Grimm Episode 1.16 - The Thing with Feathers

Following up on the preview we posted a few days ago, a clip from this week's episode of "Grimm" on NBC, entitled "The Thing with Feathers", has landed online, and of course we have it for you right here! Watch as unruly neighbors put a damper on Nick and Juliette's romantic weekend.