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More Teaser Videos and Opening Credits Check In for Bates Motel

Excited for the March 18th premiere of "Bates Motel" on A&E? To help fill the time between now and then, we have three new teaser videos for you to watch along with a fan-made opening credits sequence. Hold your breath, grab someone's hand, and let's have a dance party!

Time to Meet Another Character from Ripper Street: Sergeant Drake

"Game of Thrones" fans love him as Bronn, but Jerome Flynn has another role he wants you to know about. He portrays Sergeant Bennet Drake on BBC America's "Ripper Street," whom he describes as "a refined musclehead." Learn more about him in this new promo video for the show.

Ad Campaign for Cult Crosses Over with Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries

We're just a little over a month away from the February 19th premiere of "Cult" on The CW, and the network has released a couple of new promo videos for the show that include some very familiar faces. Check 'em out right here!

Image Gallery for Being Human Episode 3.01 - It's a Shame About Ray

In case the clip we ran yesterday from the Season 3 premiere of "Being Human" wasn't enough for you, we have a gallery of images from Episode 3.01, "It's a Shame About Ray," to share along with news of a Twitter campaign Syfy is running relating to the show.

Preview of American Horror Story: Asylum Episode 12 - Continuum

Just two episodes remain in "American Horror Story: Asylum," and I, for one, will be sad to see this chapter close. So, what can we expect in the penultimate episode, "Continuum"? Check out this preview for a taste of what's about to come to pass in that hellhole known as Briarcliff.

Official Synopses Released for Supernatural Episode 8.12 - As Time Goes By and The Vampire Diaries Episode 4.12 - A View to a Kill

The CW has released official synopses for upcoming episodes of two of our favorite shows. Check out what's ahead in "Supernatural" Ep. 8.12, "As Time Goes By," and "The Vampire Diaries" Ep. 4.12, "A View to a Kill."

Toby Whithouse and Phil Davis Talk Season 5 of Being Human (UK)

With Season 5 of the hit UK series "Being Human" preparing to return to BBC3, the new issue of SFX magazine has a big spread on the show, and we have some highlights right here provided by creator Toby Whithouse and Phil Davis, who portrays the series' new big bad, Captain Hatch.

Missing Supernatural? Watch a Clip from Next Week's Episode 8.10 - Torn and Frayed

"Supernatural" finally returns from its holiday hiatus next Wednesday, December 16th, and we have a clip from the episode, which is entitled "Torn and Frayed." Looks like it's time for our boys to go on the offensive!

First Trailer Arrives for Eli Roth's Hemlock Grove

We've been a little skeptical about Eli Roth's sliver of original programming for Netflix, "Hemlock Grove," but after watching the trailer, yeah, we feel much better. Check it out, and let the waiting officially begin.

New Image From Hannibal to Chew On

On tap for you fans of everything that goes well with fava beans and a fine Chianti is a new promotional image from Bryan Fuller’s NBC serial killer thriller “Hannibal." The table is set! Sit down and dig in!

Get Blinded by New The Walking Dead Poster; More on Glen Mazzara's Exit

Two bits of news for you fans of the AMC series "The Walking Dead": We have the official one-sheet for the return of the series, which is right around the corner, as well as more on the whole Glen Mazzara exiting as showrunner situation.

Sneak Peek Clip from Being Human Episode 3.01 - It's a Shame About Ray

"Being Human" returns to Syfy next Monday, January 14th, with Episode 3.01, "It's a Shame About Ray"; and we have a sneak peek clip from the season premiere to share.

A New Batch of Promo Videos for Fox's The Following

Yeah, we know... Fox is going a little overboard with all these promo videos for "The Following," but trust us: They just barely scratch the surface of the goodness this new series has to offer. Check 'em out, and again, be sure to set your DVR's for this one!

Meet Inspector Reid in New Promo for Ripper Street

Ready to learn a bit more about the lead character in BBC America's "Ripper Street," Inspector Edmund Reid, played by Matthew Macfadyen? Then get comfortable and check out this latest promo video for the series, which kicks off on Saturday, January 19th.

TCA: Surprise! The Following Taking Heat from Critics Over Violent Content

Having recently previewed several episodes of the show (yes, it's pretty badass), we kind of saw this one coming. Especially in the climate of the world we're currently living in. News has come that "The Following" is under fire due to its content. Joy.