Horror TV

Contemplate the Big Sleep with a Clip from Episode 2 of In the Flesh

Episode 2 of the UK's three-episode miniseries "In the Flesh" airs on Sunday night, and we have a clip to share in which Amy discusses death with Kieren and the advantages of being a PDS sufferer.

Two More New Clips from The Following Episode 1.10 - Guilt

Fox must be in an especially giving mood today as the network has released two more clips from "The Following" Episode 1.10, entitled "Guilt," to go along with the three we saw earlier this week. Check out the whole kit and kaboodle along with another promo right here!

Another Hannibal Teaser to Feed Your Fear

We are really loving all the creepy food references to be found in NBC's promos for "Hannibal," and this latest teaser is no exception. Check it out, and feed your fear!

Get a Sneak Peek of Katherine's and Elijah's Return in The Vampire Diaries Episode 4.18 - American Gothic

Now this ought to be interesting - finally next week on "The Vampire Diaries" Katherine comes face-to-face with vamp Elena, and as an added bonus Elijah returns as well! Check out a sneak peek of "American Gothic."

One Tree Hill Vet Joins Dexter Season 8 in Recurring Role

Some casting news has come in with regard to the upcoming eighth season of Showtime's "Dexter." It looks like a former star of "One Tree Hill" and "Guiding Light" is moving next door to our favorite serial killer!

Watch the First Four Minutes of Being Human Episode 3.11 - If I Only Had Raw Brain

If you're not watching "Being Human" on Syfy, you're missing out on one of the best zombie tales we've ever seen. Sally's condition has us glued to the TV every week, and if you're with us, check out the first four minutes of the upcoming "If I Only Had Raw Brain."

New Hannibal Image Answers Your Prayers

If you're worried about just how gory "Hannibal" will be, this new still should do a lot to lay your fears to rest. Yep, it looks like the good Doctor Lecter is definitely up to his old artistic tricks again. Dig it!

Get a First Look at Hannibal Presented by the Cast and Crew

We're trying not to get too excited by "Hannibal" since we've been let down before, but the more we see of the new NBC series, the harder it is to control our enthusiasm. Here's a new "first look" video in which the cast and executive producer Bryan Fuller dish on the show.

Another Sneak Peek of The Following Episode 1.10 - Guilt

In case the two clips they've released already aren't enough for you, Fox has provided us with another sneak peek of "The Following" Episode 1.10, entitled "Guilt," in which Ryan goes to protect Claire when he learns that the cult knows of her whereabouts.

Joe Attempts to Bond with Joey in New Clip from The Following Episode 1.10 - Guilt

"The Following"'s Joe Carroll has a lot of feel guilty about, but in this new clip from Episode 1.10, "Guilt," he tries to put that aside and bond with his son, Joey. Whether or not he's successful we'll find out next Monday.

Get Taken In By This Sneak Peek of Supernatural Episode 8.18 - Freaks and Geeks

"Supernatural" returned with a bang last night (and a nice nod to the fans' disdain for Sam's love life), and we can't wait to see what happens next with Cas. In the meantime here's a clip from next week's Episode 8.18, "Freaks and Geeks."

Figure Things Out with this Clip from Grimm Episode 2.15 - Mr. Sandman

Things are heating up in this Friday's episode of "Grimm," entitled "Mr. Sandman," with the gang pulling together to try to figure out Renard's intentions, all while Nick must face a Wesen that leaves his victims blind. Check out a new clip from the ep right here.

Geek Out Over These Images from Supernatural Episode 8.18 - Freaks and Geeks

As we write this, "Supernatural" is airing on the East Coast following a brief hiatus, and we have a peek at what's ahead next week in Episode 8.18, "Freaks and Geeks," in which Sam and Dean run across a new and unusual team of hunters. Check out these half a dozen or so stills.

New Clip From The Following Episode 1.10 - Guilt - Is Home to an Awkward Reunion

"The Following." The show both intrigues and aggravates me and not necessarily in that order. Still, it's pretty good for a TV thriller and the loonies are appropriately nutso so, yeah, we'll keep watching. Check out this new clip from next week's Episode 1.10, entitled "Guilt"!

New Hannibal Image Saves a Place at the Table for You!

A new image that puts the three main characters from "Hannibal" together has arrived, and it looks like they've saved a place at the table just for you! We're definitely saving our appetites for the series premiere on Thursday, April 4th.