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Exclusive Interview: Mads Mikkelson on Hannibal

Last week at Del Frisco’s Steak House in New York, admittedly a much more intimate setting than usual, Dread Central had the opportunity to sit and dine with the latest and possibly greatest incarnation of iconic psychopath Hannibal Lecter to date, now in the form of Danish actor Mads Mikkelson (Casino Royale).

Bates Motel Recap: Episode 1.03 - What's Wrong With Norman?

Are you digging "Bates Motel" as much as we are? In addition to learning more about Norman and his mother, we got to see that the town isn't as normal as everyone thought it was. Moreover, both Vera Farmiga and Freddy Highmore were mesmerizing to watch, don't you think?

A&E Gives a Series Order to Those Who Kill

Hoping the public's fascination with serial killers hasn't reached the saturation point just yet, A&E is finalizing a deal for a series order for pilot "Those Who Kill," starring Chloë Sevigny and James D’Arcy, which Joe Carnahan directed from a script by Glen Morgan.

Another Look Inside The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale and a Tease of What's Ahead in Season 4

We're not quite ready to close the door on Season 3 of "The Walking Dead", and AMC isn't either as they've just released another making-of video that takes us inside the prison assault along with a look ahead at Season 4 with the cast and crew.

New Da Vinci's Demons Promo Loves to Tease

Another new promo has arrived for Starz's April 12th premiere of "Da Vinci's Demons," and since it's titled "Lover Tease," you can expect to see a bit of skin and entwined bodies doing what lovers do best. Check it out!

The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale Shatters Viewing Records

Though reactions have been mixed pertaining to the Season 3 finale of "The Walking Dead," there is one thing that's for absolute certain... a ton of people tuned in to watch it. And we're talking about a ton. Kinda makes you worry about the numbers of walkers should they ever truly rise.

Download the Bates Motel Sketchbook via iTunes NOW!

Been wanting to take a really good look at the sketchbook young Norman Bates found in A&E's hit show "Bates Motel"? Well, now you can as the whole thing is available right now from iTunes as a download! Go ahead, take some time and go a little mad!

Check Out the First Footage from Under the Dome

Finally some actual footage has arrived from the CBS summer series "Under the Dome," and we have a look at it here along with a few details that came out of this past Saturday's WonderCon panel for the show.

In the Flesh Writer Dominic Mitchell Addresses Some of the Series' Unanswered Questions

It sounds like "In the Flesh" will be returning to BBC Three after all; in this featurette posted after the show's finale aired, writer Dominic Mitchell said about some of the unresolved plot lines, "We'll get to it... we'll get to it. I swear."

David Morrissey Returning to The Walking Dead as a Season 4 Regular

And here it is, kids! The first news story pertaining to the upcoming fourth season of "The Walking Dead," and if you haven't watched the Season 3 finale yet and aren't quite sure who David Morrissey is, you just may want to skip this one.

Jonesing for More Face/Off? Colorful Contestant Eric Fox Dishes All About His Face/Off Experience! And Yes, He Can Legally Leave the Country!

We all watched the uber-talented J. Anthony Kosar take the "Face/Off" Season 4 title a few days ago. And as much as we admire Kosar's work, there was another contestant that we also loved to watch.

Get an Inside Look at the Making of The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale - Welcome to the Tombs

So, what did everyone think of tonight's Season 3 finale of "The Walking Dead"? The episode was chock-full of memorable moments, and we have a behind-the-scenes look at several of them right here.

The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 3.16 - Welcome to the Tombs

In tonight's "The Walking Dead" season finale, the two factions went to war. Did your favorite character survive? Were you devastated at the end of the episode? We already knew how many would die tonight. Keep your tissues handy for the recap.

The Walking Dead - Michonne Goes on a 47-Second RAMPAGE; Spend Some Loving Moments With Daryl

We are just hours away from the Season Three finale of the AMC phenomenon "The Walking Dead." All over America people are now arming themselves with snacks, boxes of tissues, and the telephone number of a good therapist.

Trust Your Gut and Watch This Preview of Orphan Black Episode 1.02 - Instinct; Meet Four of the Clones

BBC America's new series "Orphan Black" has kicked off, and if you watched the premiere and liked it, here's a preview of Episode 1.02, "Instinct," along with some new poster art that shows off four iterations of the clone at the heart of the story.