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First Casting News for ABC's The Returned

The first casting news has arrived for the latest attempt at a genre show from ABC. Frances Fisher has signed on for "The Returned," from Brillstein Entertainment, Brad Pitt’s Plan B and ABC Studios.

Fresh Images from The Vampire Diaries Episodes 4.16 - Bring It On and 4.17 - Because the Night

No doubt wanting to keep "The Vampire Diaries" in the minds of its fans during the show's current break until March 14th, The CW has released several new photos from the upcoming two episodes - #4.16, "Bring It On," and #4.17, "Because the Night."

New Series Promo and Two More Sneak Peeks of The Following Episode 1.07 - Let Me Go

At first we thought James Purefoy was the best thing about Kevin Williamson's new series, "The Following," but it turns out Kevin Bacon is more than holding his own as the focal point of the show. Check him out in one of two new clips from this Monday's Episode 1.07, "Let Me Go."

Syfy Renews Lost Girl for a 13-Episode Season 4

We don't mention it a lot around here, but Syfy's supernatural series "Lost Girl" is the number one original cable drama among Adults 18-49 and 25-54 in its time period (Monday, 10PM) so it obviously has a lot of fans. Which must be why the network announced its renewal for a fourth season.

Another Teaser for BBC America's Orphan Black

The more we see of BBC America's new series "Orphan Black," the more we're looking forward to finding out what the director of Ginger Snaps and one of the writers of Cube have come up with. If you're curious, too, check out the latest teaser trailer for the show.

Catch Up on the First Six Episodes of The Following in Six Minutes!

Fox has once again provided a "catch-up" video of what's transpired thus far on "The Following." Here's everything you need to know from the first six episodes in just six minutes!

Marie Avgeropoulos Adds Some Greek Flavor to The Hundred

And the eye candy keeps filing in for a gig on The CW's new show "The Hundred" as "Cult"'s Marie Avgeropoulos has just signed up for active duty alongside the recently announced Eliza Taylor and Henry Ian Cusick.

Burning Hot Exclusive Stills for The Walking Dead Episode 3.12 - Clear

You know what time it is, kids. Get out your plates, sit down for a feast, and get ready to dig into three exclusive new stills from the next episode of AMC's "The Walking Dead" entitled "Clear." Chew slowly, it's the good stuff!

Another One of The Hundred Files In

Let us just say this... if ever the bomb drops and civilization is decimated, if the Earth can be repopulated by people who look like actress Eliza Taylor, then bring on the friggin' nukes, man! We'll meet you at ground zero!

Season Finale Dates for The Following, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and Cult

With horror TV kicking the ass of horror films, we figured you'd want to know when some of the best genre shows on the air are having their season finales this year.

Official Synopses for The Vampire Diaries Episode 4.17 - Because the Night and Cult Episode 1.05 - The Kiss

The CW has released synopses for its shows airing March 18-22, and joining the March 20 "Supernatural" details posted earlier today, we have the lowdown on "The Vampire Diaries" Episode 4.17, "Because the Night," and "Cult" Episode 1.05, "The Kiss."

Production Officially Begins Under the Dome

Looking forward to the latest Stephen King adaptation, "Under the Dome"? Then you'll be happy to hear that production on the project has officially commenced. Read on for all the latest details.

Synopsis and Preview of Supernatural Episode 8.17 - Goodbye Stranger

"Supernatural" is on hiatus until March 20th, but it returns with not just one, but three of our favorite characters in Episode 8.17, "Goodbye Stranger," as Sam and Dean team up with Castiel and Meg against Crowley and his demons.

Dig into a Two-Minute Look at NBC's Hannibal

Alright, kids. Line up with your plates extended because we're about to drop the international trailer for "Hannibal" on it. Fava beans and a fine Chianti will be waiting for you at your assigned tables along with various condiments.

Entourage Mad Man Joins Dexter

As if Dexter Morgan didn't have enough problems on his hands, his world is now getting set to be invaded by a loony actor from the land of HBO's hit series "Entourage." Read on to find out who his dark passenger will have to deal with next.