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AMC Releases a Preview of its July 4th Weekend Marathon of The Walking Dead Seasons 1-3

As we told you late last week, AMC is airing a 4th of July marathon of "The Walking Dead" Seasons 1-3 that will also include new footage from the upcoming Season 4, and we now have a preview of the event to share.

Time for a Quick Preview of Cult Episode 1.10 - The Prophecy of St. Clare

Did you remember to watch "Cult" this past Friday? Two more episodes air on July 5th, and here's a preview of Ep. 1.10, "The Prophecy of St. Clare," which is paired with Ep. 1.11, "Flip the Script."

Welcome to this Preview of Teen Wolf Episode 3.06 - Motel California

"Teen Wolf" Season 3 has been all over the place tonally, but finally last night things started to gel a bit better, and hopefully that trend will continue in next week's Episode 3.06, "Motel California," for which we have a preview right here!

Image Gallery for Under the Dome Episode 1.03 - Manhunt

Things are moving along nicely in CBS' new summer series "Under the Dome," and we have a look at what's ahead in next week's Episode 1.03, "Manhunt," right here in the form of an image gallery.

Mare Winningham Ventures Under the Dome; Learn the Rules of Living in Chester's Mill

A new guest star has been announced for "Under the Dome," and along with that info we have a graphic that explains "The Rules" of what life is now like for the residents of Chester's Mill.

A Sneak Peek and an Explanation of the Rules of NBC's Siberia

"Siberia" premieres tonight on NBC, and you can get ready for it by watching the latest previews and hearing what people are already saying about the show. Or you can just watch Episode 1 in its entirety right here!

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: The Walking Dead Set to Shamble in on Friday, July 19th; New Banner Art!

We knew "The Walking Dead" would be making an appearance at the 2013 SDCC; we just didn't know when. But that's been taken care of as of today - read on for the details!

A Wrap-Up of the Dexter Season 8 Premiere, a Look at What's Ahead, and More

"Dexter" Season 8 kicked off last night, and we're really pulling for the series to go out on a high note. It's a little too soon to tell how things are going to shake out in these final episodes, but here's a look at what's ahead along with a Wrap-Up Podcast for the premiere.

Exclusive: Jolene Purdy Gives Us a Peek Under the Dome

CBS seems to have a hit on its hands with the thriller "Under the Dome," and one of the stars of the show, Jolene Purdy, recently sat down with Dread Central to talk all about this exciting new series.

At Last We Have a Preview of True Blood Episode 6.04

So far we're liking the direction of this season of "True Blood" and are already looking forward to next week's Episode 6.04, "At Last." Check out this preview of the HBO series, and look for clips from the ep soon.

Don't Have Showtime? Watch the Dexter Season 8 Premiere - A Beautiful Day - Right Here Right NOW!

Unable to watch tonight's Season 8 premiere of "Dexter," entitled "A Beautiful Day," because for whatever reason you don't have Showtime in your household? Well, never fear because the network has posted the episode on its YouTube channel, and we have it for you right here!

Jamie Gray Hyder Howls About True Blood Season 6; Two New Clips from Episode 6.03 - You're No Good

Either you’re a wolf or a vamp. Everybody knows that. From the PG-13 fare that is Twilight to the sexy "True Blood," everyone comes down to one or the other. Jamie Gray Hyder of "True Blood" is wolf. All wolf.

Barbie and Linda Rise to the Occasion in this Clip from Under the Dome Episode 1.02 - The Fire

Things heat up in Chester's Mill tomorrow night as the town is in danger of burning to the ground in Episode 1.02, "The Fire," but both Barbie (Mike Vogel) and Linda (Natalie Martinez) rise to the occasion and help the still freaked out residents who recently landed "Under the Dome."

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Two More Horror TV Panels Announced - Under the Dome and TV Guide Fan Favorites

Two more genre-themed panels have joined the already crowded TV lineup for the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con with lots more still to come. Look for the TV Guide Fan Favorites on Friday, July 19th, and "Under the Dome" on Sunday, July 21st.

AMC to Preview The Walking Dead Season 4 During July 4th Weekend Marathon of Seasons 1-3

While we wait for details on what "The Walking Dead" will be bringing to this year's San Diego Comic-Con, AMC is giving zombie lovers a reason to stay indoors this 4th of July with a four-day marathon of Seasons 1-3 that will also include new footage from the upcoming Season 4.