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A Sneak Peek of Dexter Episode 8.01 A Beautiful Day; New Wrap-Up Podcast with Miguel Prado

Ready for the premiere of the final season of "Dexter" this weekend? To help get you even more excited, here's a clip from Episode 8.01, "A Beautiful Day," along with another Wrap-Up Audio Podcast featuring a blast from the past.

You're No Good but This Preview of True Blood Episode 6.03 Sure Is!

"Feelin' better now that we're through. Feelin' better, 'cause I'm over you..."Oh, "True Blood," just when we thought we were done with you, you kicked off a new season and lured us back in. If you're in the same boat, check out this first look at Episode 6.03, "You're No Good."

Get Ready for the Wild Part with this Preview of Cult's Return to The CW

Planning to check out the last six episodes of "Cult" when The CW airs two episodes per Friday night, beginning next week on June 28th? Here's a preview of Episodes 1.08, "The Devil You Know," and 1.09, "Off to See the Wizard," to help you decide.

Meet the Cast and Hear from Stephen King in this Pair of Under the Dome Videos

"Under the Dome" kicks off on Monday, and to help get you ready, we have two new videos, one in which Stephen King introduces the characters and cast, and another that shows King live chatting about "Dome," his career, and the book he's working on now called Revival.

Bryan Fuller Talks Hannibal Season 2

After last night's riveting Season 1 finale, it's been hard to stop thinking about the direction in which "Hannibal" will go next year in Season 2. If you feel the same, then check out these tidbits executive producer Bryan Fuller shared with TV Guide.

NBC to Launch its Grimm/Dracula Pairing in October

As previously reported, NBC is returning "Grimm" to Friday nights in the fall and pairing it with "Dracula," and now we know when the network will be premiering its new powerhouse combo. Read on for the details.

Two More Clips from True Blood Episode 6.02 - The Sun

Getting ready for this Sunday's episode of "True Blood," entitled "The Sun"? Then you'll want to check out these two new clips that HBO has provided, which offer a few more peeks at what's coming.

Will Achieves Clarity in this Highlight Clip from the Hannibal Season Finale Episode 1.13 - Savoureux

We don't often run "highlight" clips from TV shows that have already aired, but last night's season finale of "Hannibal" was so awesome that we're not ready to shut the door on it just yet.

Smithsonian Channel to Reveal The Real Story Behind Scream in July

Separating fact from fiction and real life from reel life, the Smithsonian Channel original series "The Real Story" launches its fifth season on June 30th, and it will include the true story behind box office hit Scream, airing July 28th.

Jack Kesy Feels The Strain

More casting news for FX's adaptation of horror novel The Strain has come in as Jack Kesy has landed a regular role on the show to play Gabriel Bolivar, a character in the vein of Iggy Pop. The main difference between the two? He can take off his shirt without making people vomit.

First Look at Dexter Episode 8.02 - Every Silver Lining

"Dexter" Season 8 premieres in just a few weeks - June 30th to be exact - and we have a batch of photos from Episode 8.02, "Every Silver Lining," which was directed by series star Michael C. Hall.

Two More Sneak Peeks of Under the Dome

Two new clips from CBS' upcoming adaptation of Stephen King's "Under the Dome" popped up on the Net today, and while one is a bit talky, the other delivers the gory goods horror fans are hoping for. Check 'em both out right here!

Chiller TV Announces New Original Projects

Horror network Chiller TV continues to make headway in the world of terrestrial horror themed broadcasting as they have just announced the addition of two features to their line-up of 2013-2014 original movies. Read on for details.

Examine the Evidence in this Sneak Peek of the Hannibal Season Finale Episode 1.13 - Savoureux

The first season of "Hannibal" has been short but oh, so sweet, and tonight it ends with Episode 1.13, "Savoureux." Check out a clip, and begin counting the days until the show's return.

Joe Lynch Talks Holliston and More - Part 2

If you've been following along with our "Holliston" interview series, you've read our conversations with Adam Green, Corri English and Laura Ortiz. Today we bring you Part 2 of our exclusive, and very personal, interview with the hilarious Joe Lynch.