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Starring Kirk Ward, Tyler Ross, Maiara Walsh, Izabela Vidovic, Kendra Fountain Directed by Eli Craig Distributed by Amazon Studios

True Blood's Top 9 Most Shocking Death Scenes

When the wonderful Ms. Charlaine Harris sat down to scratch out the first lines of Dead Until Dark, the first of The Southern Vampire Mysteries that would go on to become the basis for HBO's series "True Blood," there's no way should could have known it was going to go on to become the mega-hit we know today.

Preview of and a Half Dozen Stills from Grimm Episode 2.19 - Endangered

The downside to yesterday's news that "Grimm" is moving to Tuesday nights is that we have to wait an extra few days for Episode 2.19, "Endangered," which doesn't air until April 30th.

More on Dexter's Final Season; Could a Spinoff Be in the Works?

Now that it's been confirmed that Season 8 will be the final season for "Dexter," a few more details of what's ahead have come out, including whether or not rumors of a potential spinoff series are true.

NBC Moving Grimm to Tuesday Nights Beginning April 30th

This is good news for people who were worried "Grimm" might not survive its stint in the wasteland of Friday night viewing as NBC is moving the show to Tuesdays beginning April 30th.

Another Sneak Peek of The Following Episode 1.14 - The End Is Near

It's a good thing for Boston the real FBI does a better job than the one we see in "The Following"! But it looks like the fictional version is about to close in on its prey in Episode 1.14, "The End Is Near," and we have another clip from the ep to share.

In Light of Newtown Shooting and Boston Bombings NBC Skipping Hannibal Episode 1.04 - Oeuf

When NBC sent out press materials for the next episode of "Hannibal" earlier this week, we were a little confused why Episode 1.04, "Oeuf," was skipped over for Episode 1.05, "Coquilles," but now it makes sense.

Image Gallery for Tonight's Grimm Episode 2.18 - Ring of Fire

"Grimm" returns to NBC tonight after a quick two-week spring break, and we have a look at an image gallery from Episode 2.18, "Ring of Fire," for you right here.

Get an Early Look at the First Preview of The Vampire Diaries Episode 4.20 - The Originals

Tonight's episode of "The Vampire Diaries" Is just about ready to air on the East Coast, but already the first promo for next week's ep, which serves as the backdoor pilot for the potential spinoff "The Originals," has landed online. Check it out right here!

New Stills and Another Promo for Defiance Episode 1.02 - Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go

In case you missed the premiere of "Defiance," it's airing again tonight on Syfy at 9PM, but if you're all caught up, then read on for some stills and a new promo for Episode 1.02, "Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go."

Check Out This New Sneak Peek of Dexter's 8th and Final Season

Showtime has released a new sneak peek of "Dexter" that runs a full two minutes, and of course we have it for you right here. The most interesting part? The fact that is spells out for us that this is indeed Dex's eighth and final season.

Twitchy New Hemlock Grove Motion Poster

Eli Roth's new series for Netflix, "Hemlock Grove," is getting set to make its premiere tomorrow, and to celebrate its arrival, a new motion poster has gripped the Internet. Check it out right here to whet your appetite for some binge viewing!

New Clip from Hannibal Episode 1.03 - Potage - Profiles a Killer

Another clip from tonight's episode of "Hannibal" has arrived, and of course we have it for you right here. Watch as Will gets a bead on a copycat killer in Episode 1.03 - "Potage."

The Salvatore Bros. Bond in a New Clip from The Vampire Diaries Episode 4.19 - Pictures of You

In case you're forgotten, it's Senior Prom time in tonight's episode of "The Vampire Diaries, entitled "Pictures of You," and we have a new clip from the ep along with some special artwork provided by The CW.

Adalind Crosses Paths with a Gypsy in this Clip from Grimm Episode 2.18 - Ring of Fire

"Grimm" returns to NBC this Friday night with Episode 2.18, "Ring of Fire," and we have a sneak peek of the ep in which Adalind crosses paths with a gypsy with sinister intentions.