Horror Theatre

Danny Boyle's Frankenstein to be Broadcast Via Satellite

Great news for anyone not in the UK who's been green with envy since the initial announcement of Danny Boyle's stage adaptation of Frankenstein last year! Looks as if we're getting the next best thing!

Alice Cooper to Give Broadway Nightmares?

Alice Cooper. The man is an absolute legend to us horror freaks, but outside of this circle of crazies, he remains a criminally underrated artist. One of the pioneers of glam rock, his Welcome to My Nightmare album may just well be the greatest piece of horror opera ever recorded, and who else is man enough to give Mr. Jason Voorhees his own ballad? After forty plus years in the music business, what’s left for Alice to do?

Exclusive: Ben Rock and Gregory Sims Talk Bringing Baal to Life

Last weekend Dread Central decided to get a bit of culture and headed over to Sacred Fools Theater to check out film/TV/viral director Ben Rock's (Alien Raiders) intense new project, Baal.

American Psycho Takes a Stab at Being a Musical

Ladies and gentlemen ... get ready for the musical stylings of one of our country's most batshit nuts serial killers - Patriiiiiiiiiick Batemaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn!!!!! *cue applause*

Ben Rock Breaths Life into Baal

There are very few places darker and more terrifying than the recesses of the human mind and the buried wickedness that resides there. Sometimes these feelings and notions seep out into the real world despite our best efforts to keep a handle on them, and that, dear friends, is the essence of psychological horror. Get ready to meet Baal, a new play from Ben Rock.