Horror Comics

Jonathan Maberry's V-Wars Anthology Making its Comic Debut in May

IDW Publishing re-invented the vampire genre once before with 30 Days of Night, and they're hoping to do it again with an adaptation of Jonathan Maberry's V-Wars. The future of vampires arrives in May!

Anthology Comic Evil Jester Presents Gathers Four Best-Selling Authors for Inaugural Issue

Evil Jester Presents is a slick new comic book from Evil Jester Comics. And knowing that a great story is the foundation for a great comic, the creators gathered tales from four hugely successful authors as the basis for the first book.

IDW Announces Two New Horror Anthologies Coming in April 2014 - In the Dark and Libretto

If you dig comics and anthologies and know the names Steve Niles, Tim Seeley, Brian Keene, Ben Templesmith, Christopher Mitten, and menton3, then read on for the first word on In the Dark and LIBRETTO Volume 1: Vampirism, heading our way in April.

Shawn French Talks Escape from Jesus Island Comic Launch and Future Plans

The title first caught our eye at the end of 2012. A bunch of comic creators were trying to put together a book called Escape from Jesus Island. Never fly, right? But the title was so good we had to do a story. Then, amazingly, the project took off...

Matt Pizzolo's Godkiller Returning as a Weekly Comic Series

The name "Godkiller" should ring a bell as we've been talking about the transmedia series of graphic novels, illustrated films, and novels for about five years, and now it's entering yet another phase as an indie weekly comic.

Robert Kirkman Talks Adding The Walking Dead Comics' Big Bad Negan to the TV Series

He first appeared in Issue #100 of The Walking Dead comics and killed off a much beloved character by wielding "Lucille," his baseball bat covered in barbed wire. We're talking, of course, about Negan, and if you're wondering when we might see him on the TV show...

IDW Bringing Dan Goldman's Red Light Properties Webcomic to Print in 2014

Dan Goldman’s cult favorite webcomic Red Light Properties is about to make its long awaited print debut. Re-edited, re-lettered, re-colored, and re-scripted, the first-ever print edition of Red Light Properties will be available as a trade paperback from IDW Publishing in late January, 2014.

Exclusive Early Look at Zombie Jesus Comic Book Prince of Pieces

We've been talking about Sam Miserendino's graphic novel Prince of Pieces, a satirical horror story about the return of Jesus, for several years now. Finally it's nearing completion, and what better day to unveil an exclusive early look than Friday the 13th?!? Fresh off the cross, here are four new images.

Judge Dredd Heads to the West Coast in New Miniseries Mega-City Two: City of Courts

This January, duty calls Judge Dredd to the West Coast in the destructive new miniseries Mega-City Two: City of Courts. Read on for the details of this latest chapter in the Judge's story.

IDW Announces New Three-Issue Series from Steve Niles: Monster & Madman

Visionary author and celebrated comic creator Steve Niles is returning to IDW in 2014 and bringing the most nefarious fiends with him. Debuting in March, Niles weaves together a grave team-up between Frankenstein’s monster and Jack the Ripper in the terrifying new series Monster & Madman.

Just a Few Days Remain to Order the Dredd: Underbelly Comic Sequel to the 2012 Film

The campaign for a sequel to Pete Travis' fan favorite Dredd seems to have cooled (more on that here), but a comic book version is coming as a special US-only format one-shot in January, and the cut-off date for orders is THIS MONDAY, December 9th!

Take a Bite Out of This Preview of George A. Romero's Empire of the Dead

George A. Romero and Marvel Comics are getting ready to take a bite out of the Big Apple in their new comic Empire of the Dead, and we now have a preview of the goods for you flesh-eaters right here! Read on!

IDW Announces Live-Action Pantheon TV Series and Kill Shakespeare Board Game

Back in April of 2010 we announced the first issues of IDW Publishing's Kill Shakespeare and Pantheon, and coincidentally this week some news involving both properties has arrived with one becoming a board game and the other being adapted as a TV series.

John Carpenter's Asylum To Hit The Long Beach Comic Con and Horror Convention November 23-24

If you're one of the lucky souls attending the Long Beach Comic Con and Horror Convention this weekend (November 23-24), then you're not going to want to miss out on some truly awesome merchandise related to John Carpenter's Asylum. If you can't make it, fear not! Either way, check it!

Trevco and Popfunk.com Unveil New Deadworld Apparel Line

With the new Deadworld: Restoration comic mini-series coming in December, fans of the franchise have a lot to look forward to. And now, thanks to Trevco and Popfunk.com, they can look damn good while they're doing it!