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Three-Issue Fear Itself Hulk vs. Dracula Comic Launching in September

Marvel is launching a new three-issue Fear Itself Hulk vs. Dracula comic this September, and we've got a look at the cover art for the first two issues to help pique your interest in the series.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: World Premiere of Garth Ennis' Short Film Stitched

Avatar Press and Mischief Maker Studios proudly announce that legendary comic book writer Garth Ennis will be premiering his short film Stitched at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday evening, July 21, at 8:15 pm in Room 6DE. Stitched will also become an ongoing monthly comic series.

Frank Miller and Legendary Comics Set to Release a Holy Terror

Bad guys come in all shapes and forms, from mummies to terrorists. Good thing for us comic book genius Frank Miller is there to create all sorts of heroes to dispatch them violently. Speaking of which ... From the Press Release

Video Preview Now Available of Alan Robert's Horror Comic Crawl to Me

Alan Robert, best known for being the bassist and creative force behind the respected hard rock group Life of Agony, has launched a short video teaser featuring images from his new, original horror comic book series Crawl to Me. Read on for the details.

Cover Art and Synopses for All Six Issues of the True Blood: Tainted Love Comic

While waiting for the June 26th premiere of "True Blood" Season Four, why not sink your teeth into the second series of the "True Blood" comic collection, entitled "Tainted Love", which features all of the show’s favorite characters – Sookie, Bill, Eric, Jessica, Jason, Tara, Sam, etc. – in a brand new storyline that is separate from the series?

Shout it From the Rooftops! Frankenstein Alive, Alive!

Bernie Wrightson and Steve Niles are iconic names in the horror industry. News of their pairing on a hot new property from IDW Comics has hit the Net, and its subject matter is near and dear to this writer's heart!

Mark Rahner Talks Rotten

As the wave of zombie appreciation continues to ebb and flow, fans have already begun their search for the next phase of undead stories. The “siege” mentality (“They’re at the door trying to break in and eat us… what do we do?”) has become such a well-trodden road that many fans find themselves on a quest for the next idea.

McG to Traverse a Graphic Haunted City

After reading the reviews for Terminator: Salvation, director McG learned a lot about horror in print. In fact, we're sure that his spine is tingling to this very day. Still, you can't just grab your ball and go home, and the man has some new stuff cooking.

Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #1 Sells Out in One Day; Second Printing Coming!

IDW Publishing announced that Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters Issue #1 sold out just a day after making its debut at comic book retail stores throughout North America. Written by Eric Powell and Tracy Marsh, with artwork by Phil Hester, the rapid sell-out marks a fantastically successful return for the giant fire-breathing lizard to comics.

Alan Robert Announces Live-Action Wire Hangers Film, Launch of New Horror Comic Series Crawl to Me

One thing there's definitely not a shortage of nowadays is kickass horror comics ready and waiting to be adapted into feature films. Next on the block is Alan Robert's Wire Hangers, a horror/crime graphic novel about a string of abductions in New York City.

Inferno Entertainment Funds Breck Eisner to Bathe in the Blood of the Innocent

It's been the better part of a year since last we talked about director Breck Eisner's adaptation of the comic Blood of the Innocent. Sometimes movie making is one hell of a waiting game, but when all the pieces fall into place, it's full steam ahead. Case in point ...

BOOM! Studios Brings You Hellraiser: Prelude and a Special Preview of Clive Barker's Hellraiser Issue 1 Right Here Right NOW!

While Pinhead and the Hellraiser films haven't exactly been hitting the horror home run that they should over the last few years, it seems that the only place you can find a good Cenobite-laden tale is in print.

Look for Marvel's Tomb of Dracula Presents: Throne of Blood This April

Vampires may have lost a bit of their bite on the big screen, but they still reign supreme on the pages of comic books, as evidenced by this first look at Tomb of Dracula Presents: Throne of Blood presented by Marvel Comics.

Christmas Comes Early This Year with Marvel Zombies Christmas Carol

Without a doubt one of the favorite Christmas tales around the Dread Central offices is A Christmas Carol. What could possibly make it better? Why zombies of course! Look for Marvel Zombies Christmas Carol Issue #1 in stores this May 4th, 2011, with Issue #2 following close behind on May 18th. From the Press Release:

Nevermore Comic on the Way from Steve Niles and Jeffrey Combs

While poking around Steve Niles' website in connection with the Lance Henriksen autobiography story we ran a few minutes ago, we came across another juicy tidbit that we just had to share: The prolific writer is joining forces with Jeffrey Combs for a comic book version of Combs' one-man play Nevermore.