Horror Comics

Hellraiser Comic Cover Reveals a New Look for Kirsty Cotton

Those of you keeping up with the Hellraiser comic series from Boom! Studios know that at least in print the Clive Barker based series is excelling. Simply put, it's fantastic, and so are the new covers for Issue 8, which reveal for the first time a female Pinhead.

Exclusive: Scott Allie Raises Hell with B.P.R.D. Pickens County Horror

Fans of Dark Horse Comics' Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense, aka B.P.R.D., know everything is not exactly kosher in their comic universe. The world was radically altered when everyone's favorite firestarter, Liz Sherman, torched the center of the Earth with a particularly powerful fireblast. And all that is just fine by Dark Horse's Senior Managing Editor Scott Allie.

Dark Horse Announces Five New B.P.R.D. Titles that Will Shake the Organization to its Very Core!

Remember last Monday when Dark Horse Comics teased us with some artwork for its B.P.R.D. (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense) series? Well, now it's all been made clear with the announcement that five new titles and some of the most earth-shattering events in the history of the series are on their way.

Dark Horse Comics Teases a New Spring Title Launch

Those mad scientists over at Dark Horse Comics are at it again, and this time they're working with the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. Or something like that... In any event, they promise it's all going to hell in 2012!

Chopper Rolls to Viral Status Upon Launch

Ladies and gentlemen, Chopper has arrived. And the tense initial offering has set the stage for the horror that is sure to come. Featuring a showdown between horror big boys Tyler Mane and Andrew Bryniarski, the first episode of Chopper, entitled Slice 1, certainly does a nice job setting the stage in the biker-themed horror series.

Ginger-Stein: Rise of the Undead, the First Mini-Series in the Ginger-Stein Franchise, Begins October 11th

It was a little over a year ago that we first heard about Dennis Willman's new comic series Ginger-Stein: Rise of the Undead, and now that the first issue is about to launch on Tuesday, October 11th, we have a lot more details and an image gallery to share.

Artwork and Synopses of Dark Shadows Issues 1-3 from Dynamite Entertainment

Don't want to wait for Tim Burton's upcoming Dark Shadows adaptation to hit theatres next May? Then check out these new Dark Shadows comics being released this winter by Dynamite Entertainment. We have artwork and the synopses of the first three issues, hitting comic books stores and digital outlets on November 2nd, November 23rd, and December 14th. They sure sound like perfect stocking stuffers to us!

Two Graphic Novels Coming from Archaia in September: Feeding Ground and The Grave Doug Freshley

Looking for something new to read this Halloween season? Then how about these two graphic novels coming from Archaia Entertainment on September 28? First up is Feeding Ground, which follows the story of illegal immigrants on the run from vicious werewolves. Next is The Grave Doug Freshley, in which zombies meet cowboys as we follow the undead adventures of the Old West’s most decomposed hero.

Key of Z Release Date Announced and Cover Artwork Revealed

Back during this past summer's San Diego Comic-Con, we got the early word on Key of Z, a brand new comic mini-series co-written by Claudio Sanchez and his wife, Chondra Echert, and now we have release info and a look at the brand new Issue #1 cover art by Nathan Fox.

Part 1 of The Thing Prequel Comic Now Available for FREE Download!

Dark Horse Comics has created an exclusive digital comic to serve as a prequel to the thriller The Thing, in theaters October 14. Starting today, September 21, the FREE comic is being released in three parts (look for future installments on September 28 and October 5). The Thing: The Northman Nightmare tells the origin story of pioneering Norsemen who discover a shape-shifting creature that is hiding in a desolate village with few human survivors.

Make a Date With Chopper

Coming speeding at us like a bat out of hell is Tyler Mane's new web series, Chopper, and we've finally nailed down the details concerning when you'll be able to take the ride! Dig it!

DC Comics' New 52 - Animal Man Sneak Preview

If your life takes you anywhere near the humming geek media machine found at the center of the internet, then you've heard about DC Comics preparing to shake up their universe. Horror fans are no strangers to the re-boot; and this is exactly what DC is after.

Eric Kripke and The CW Developing a Series Based on DC Comic Deadman

You know why we love Eric Kripke? He always gets his man! Although he was linked to an adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Sandman many moons ago, that project never happened. In its place has come Deadman, which The CW has tapped Kripke to write and produce based on the comic books by Arnold Drake and Carmine Infantino.

Showtime Developing a Series Based on The Damned Comic Series

It's not just the big screen where comic book adaptations are heading fast and furious these days. Showtime is getting in on the act with "The Damned", a new series project based on independent graphic novel and comic book publisher Oni Press’ comic book limited series.

Chopper Rolls Out Five-Issue Comic Series October 5th

Washington Irving never envisioned a headless horseman like this! Chopper, for those of you not in the know, is the story of a supernatural headless biker named The Reaper, containing beheadings, a drug-pushing cheerleader and badass motorcycles. Fire it up, baby! Chopper comes to a comic shop near you for its introductory five-issue series on October 5.