Horror Comedy

Spend a Few Moments Exploring Life After Beth

One flick making some noise at this year's Sundance Film Fest is the horror comedy Life After Beth, and Entertainment Weekly has landed the very first clip. Check it out and look for more on this one soon.

There Will Be Something Silent BUT Deadly in the Air This February

The upcoming Silent But Deadly is getting ready to drop some more horrific retirement palace humor on you, and we've got the details and the artwork. Dig it!

Dan Fogler Is a Hysterical Psycho!

Funnyman Dan Fogler is looking to embrace his more sinister side with the new film Hysterical Psycho, and we have your first details and artwork! Go ahead, kids! Yuck it up!

A Killer Teaser Poster for Gregory Lamberson's Killer Rack

This past June filmmaker Gregory Lamberson mentioned Killer Rack as a movie he had lined up to direct once he completed a few other projects that were in the works, and now that they've wrapped, he's kicking off the horror comedy in style with a teaser poster, casting news, and more.

Hell Baby to Crawl His Way to Your Crib

The new horror comedy from Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant, entitled Hell Baby, is getting ready to hit both DVD and Blu-ray just in time for the new year, and we've got all the details you need to decide if you wanna babysit this scary little scamp.

Giant Alien Goes on an Intergalactic Rampage

The job of an astronaut is filled with danger. It's not just the arduous time-consuming, space-madness-inducing traveling they have to endure that could spell the end. In space no one can hear you scream. But...

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Ghost Team One on Blu-ray

The horror comedy Ghost Team One is coming home for the holidays courtesy of Paramount, and we have your chance to score a Blu-ray copy on us. No heavy-set jolly do-gooder needed!

Exclusive Ghost Team One Clip Paints Scary Pictures

Paramount is getting set to drop the horror comedy Ghost Team One onto Blu-ray and DVD just in time for the holidaze, and right now we have an exclusive clip for you cats to get you in the spirit! Christmas or otherwise!

First Look and More Details on Joe Dante's Rom-Zom-Com Burying the Ex

A month or so ago we told you about Burying the Ex, Joe Dante's return behind the camera that stars Anton Yelchin and Ashley Greene; and today we have your first look at the two leads along with a few more details.

IFC Midnight Scoops Up Witching and Bitching

Alex De la Iglesia closed out the Midnight Madness section of this year's Toronto International Film Festival with his totally off the wall new flick Witching and Bitching, which was recently released in his home country of Spain. When will the rest of us be able to check it out? Read on for details!

Win a Copy of Junkie on DVD

Adam Mason's Junkie is ready to get you addicted, and right now we have your chance to get your DVD fix on us. Get out your needles and rubber tubing! This is gonna be one wild trip, man!

Swat at These New Images from Stung

Get out your bug spray and industrial strength fly-swatters, my fellow fiends! It's time for a new trio of images from the upcoming giant mutant wasp fiesta known as Stung. Seriously, we want this one like yesterday!

Witching & Bitching Red Band Trailer Rides Into Town

If you experienced 2010's The Last Circus, then you know that you should never miss anything with the name Alex De la Iglesia attached to it. Swapping out the clowns with witches, the Spanish filmmaker's next is Witching and Bitching (review), which is fresh off a premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Starving Games, The (2013)

Starring Maiara Walsh, Diedrich Bader, Cody Allen Christian, Theo Cane, and the worst celebrity look-a-likes of all time

New Stung Stills Sting

Ever since I witnessed giant ants make "that noise" in THEM!, I knew one thing... I was officially hooked on giant insect movies. If you're like me, then the killer wasp flick Stung is high up on your must-see list, and we have a brand new set of stills to fan your flames! Dig 'em!