Horror Comedy

New Paranormal Movie Wants You to Die Laughing

With the success of the Paranormal Activity movies, it's a given that there will be numerous copycats and spoofs. Enter Paranormal Movie, a comedy that looks to follow you straight into the toilet.

First Word on and Official Trailer for Big Top Evil

The first word on a new indie film coming out of Florida, Big Top Evil, hit our inbox today, and we have all the early details on the flick along with a look at the official trailer.

Anchor Bay Finally Announces its Vamps Release Plans

It was several months ago when we first heard that Anchor Bay would be releasing Amy Heckerling's new horror comedy Vamps, but no details were announced. That's been fixed now as we have info on when and how you'll be able to see it.

My Fair Zombie Wraps; Gearing Up for Festival Run

Director Brett Kelly dropped us a line today to announce that his upcoming horror comedy My Fair Zombie has wrapped and is getting set to hit the festival scene. Read on for the skinny.

John Travolta Attached to Star in Toxic Avenger Remake?

Well now. Here's a story we weren't expecting to write. John Travolta starring in a Toxic Avenger remake? You know, this is just ludicrous enough to work on some strange planet and be true. Read on!

A Cadaver Christmas Wants You to Spend the Holidays with the Dead!

This holiday season, grab your loved ones and hold them close. They don't even have to be alive! The dead need some cuddling too what with the whole room temperature body thing. Just deal with the smell and stop complaining!

Bloody Bloody Bible Camp Opens its Doors on Friday, July 27th

This Friday, July 27th, Sister Mary Chopper is set to begin his (her? its?) reign of terror on VOD and we have all the details you need to figure out exactly to whom you should be praying for your life. Dig it!

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Exclusive Video Interview with Hotel Transylvania Director Genndy Tartakovsky

On September 28th Columbia Pictures releases Hotel Transylvania, a horror-infused animated film from director Genndy Tartakovsky. The flick features an all-star voice cast including Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Andy Samberg, Steve Buscemi, David Spade and Cee-Lo Green.

A Sneak Peek of the Graphic Novel Adaptation of Shakespeare vs. Lovecraft

A graphic novel adaptation is on its way for D.R. O'Brien's horror-comedy mash-up Shakespeare vs. Lovecraft, and we have a few preview panels provided by the author that reveal Juliet is not the girl she used to be! Check 'em out!

First Trailer for Grabbers Arrives to Wrap You Up

The first trailer for the drunken sensation that is Grabbers (review here) has arrived. IFC Films will be releasing the monster comedy in theaters and VOD later this year (it’s dated for August 10th in the UK – still looking into the US release).

Cedric the Entertainer and Marlon Wayans to Spoof Paranormal Activity with New Found Footage Flick

Just because they're about three years too late isn't stopping funnyman Marlon Wayans from adding his stamp onto the Paranormal Activity phenomenon as he and Cedric the Entertainer are back with a new flick!

Susan Sarandon Speaks with Angels in Hell & Back

It's been a while since last we heard anything regarding the stop-motion animated horror comedy Hell & Back, but whattaya know! Some new casting news has hit the interwebs, and yes, you can dig it right here!

New Poster Released to Promote Danielle Harris' Feature Directorial Debut Among Friends

One of horror's favorite ladies, Danielle Harris, is making her feature film directorial debut with the upcoming film Among Friends, and we have your first look at a promo poster for two upcoming West Coast screenings.

Exclusive: Director Alex Craig Mann Talks Detention of the Dead and More

For up-and-coming filmmaker Alex Craig Mann's feature film debut Detention of the Dead (review here) he mashed up his love of all-things John Hughes with a horde of flesh-hungry zombies for a coming-of-age horror comedy unlike anything fans have ever seen before.

Among Friends - Character Bios and L.A. Sneak Peek Screening!

On tap for you cats right now are several character bios from Danielle Harris' Among Friends along with word of a special sneak peek screening! Read on for the latest eye candy and details. Dig it!