Horror Collectibles

Horror Photographer Joshua Hoffine Reveals His Newest Nightmare: Jack the Ripper

Fantastic horror photog Joshua Hoffine has been busy at work and has just revealed his latest project. Hoffine dug deep into the history of true crime and brilliantly selected Jack the Ripper as his newest subject.

Get an Exclusive The Walking Dead Minimates Two-Pack During the 2012 Halloween ComicFest

Comic shops across the country are participating in Halloween ComicFest with special giveaways and limited edition comics as well as some cool Halloween-themed merchandise. Diamond Select Toys is contributing to the event with an exclusive two-pack of "The Walking Dead" Minimates.

The Walking Dead Get Cute Thanks to Funko

No matter where we look lately, we see something Walking Dead related. It was just a matter of time before someone found a way to make this much loved project even more adorable! Get ready to fight off the urge to pinch a zombie on the cheek!

What Do You Get the Horror Fan Who Has Everything? THE RELIC!

We know what you're thinking... "Man, I sure wish somebody would make a collectible figure of the Kothoga creature from The Relic." How could such a thought NOT have crossed your mind? I mean, everyone knows the Kothoga, right?

Dread Central Opens Up Online Halloween Store with SUPER Discounts!

Halloween is a very special time of the year for horror fans. Let's face it, it's our "Holiday Season". The only bad thing about it? It's also when every store, both physical and online, raises the prices of their stuff, making it difficult for folks to afford their horror haul. NOT ANYMORE!

ParaNorman - Huckleberry Encourages You to Play with the Dead

The dead are people, too, and they love to play! Huckleberry Toys knows this also and has unveiled its official line of ParaNorman themed collectibles. Each of the eight figures are 3.5”-4" tall and are available NOW! Take a look!

The Walking Dead Are Coming Back... for a Second Series of Minimates

The first series of Minimates based on The Walking Dead comic book by Robert Kirkman is scheduled to hit in September, and Diamond Select Toys is already hard at work on the second series, slated for a November release.

Creepy Tees Commemorates Friday the 13th Part III With a Bitchin' Box Set!

Ever look at something and say to yourself, "Oh yes! I must own that!"? That's exactly the feeling we had when we laid our eyes upon this t-shirt celebrating the anniversary of Friday the 13th Part III. Dig it!

New Chilly Chair Enhances Horror Movies with Hair-Raising Results

In this world of comfort and technology, everyone has their favorite custom made chairs, be it for gaming, massages, etc. Now, thanks to some Japanese scientists horror fans will have a go-to place to park their asses.

This Halloween Give the Gift that Slithers - The Snake Cake!

Even though she is not a fan of snakes, Francesca Pitcher, from UK-based North Star Cakes, created an amazingly realistic Amelanistic Burmese Python snake cake for her six-year-old daughter's birthday. Check out some eye-popping and tongue-lashing imagery right here.

Suck on Your Favorite Horror Stars! Jason! Freddy! Chucky! Pinhead! The Predator!

Who hasn't watched Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Child's Play, Hellraiser, and Predator and thought to themselves, "Wow. I'd really like to put them in my mouth!" Well, now you can!

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Official Toy Gallery! Hundreds of Images! Star Wars, Walking Dead, Universal Monsters, Prometheus, and More!

Have you had enough of all the movie/TV news coming out of the San Diego Comic-Con? Well then, how about we help you sink your teeth into one of the largest horror collectible galleries you'll ever see?

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Hands-on with Jolly Grim - A Collectible Card Game for People Who Hate Collectible Card Games

Most people know if they’re into collectible card games right away. It’s either a love it or hate it prospect. But GameSamba’s new free to play, online focused card game, Jolly Grim, is unlike any other out there.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Retro Outlaw Booth Tour

When it comes to cool T-shirts and collectibles, Chris Santoro's Retro Outlaw is one of the best in the biz. We'd be remiss if we didn't show you cats just a sampling of the badass stuff he's got for sale at this year's Comic-Con!

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: NECA Finally Gives us Someone to Fight Off the Predators! Behold Dutch!

For years collectors have been wanting a quality version of Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dutch from the much beloved film Predator. My fellow fanboys, our prayers have just been answered. Somewhere in San Diego Buz has just peed in his pants!