Horror Collectibles

Toy Fair 2013: Tonner Warms Up to Some Warm Bodies

The next piece of plastic-based goodness that's rolled out of Toy Fair courtesy of Nomad is the Tonner Doll Company's take on the hit horror comedy Warm Bodies! Shamble on in for a look at the Ken and Barbie of the undead world!

Toy Fair 2013: McFarlane's Walking Dead - The Governor, Michonne, Merle, Carl, and More!

Nomad just checked in with a boatload of new images from McFarlane's upcoming collectibles based upon The Walking Dead comics and AMC's "The Walking Dead" TV show. Read on for an eyeful of rotting goodness!

Toy Fair 2013: A New Walking Dead Collectible You Can Take to the Bank

As if you needed any more reasons to be glad you're a fan of The Walking Dead comics, today at Toy Fair, Diamond Select unveiled its new "Michonne's Pet" bank, which will become available this summer. Start saving your pennies!

Toy Fair 2013: New Dexter Collectible Is Pretty in Pink

Get ready for your first look at the new "Dexter" Blood Spatter Analyst 3-3/4-inch action figure collectible from Bif Bang Pow, and then wonder why it looks nothing like Michael C. Hall and why in the world his kill shirt is pink. Did we miss the episode in which he wore pink?

Toy Fair 2013: First Look at NECA's Pacific Rim Collectibles - USA's Gipsy Danger and China's Crimson Typhoon

Warner Bros. and NECA Toys have released the first two images of their monstrous collectibles that are on tap for the upcoming giant robot vs. giant monster action fiesta known as Pacific Rim!

Screw Chocolate! This Valentine's Day Give Your Lover an Undead Ted!

With Valentine's Day rapidly approaching, why not get your lover the gift that keeps on giving... and eating and rotting and munching and shambling and biting and stinking? Kind of gives new meaning to the term "brain candy," no?

First Pacific Rim Collectibles to Show Off Plenty of Robots and Monsters

Our man Nomad just checked in with some monstrous collectibles concept artwork for the upcoming giant robot vs. giant monster action fiesta known as Pacific Rim. Please, video gods, give us this movie now.

McFarlane Toys Reveals its New The Walking Dead Statue Featuring Michonne

McFarlane Toys’ Collectors Club continues to bring fans the most exciting statues ever created, and their next resin statue is a true collector’s dream. Check out Michonne from The Walking Dead comics!

Mondo Takes a Bite out of The Lost Boys

Fan of The Lost Boys? Then you are going to really dig on the next couple of pieces of artwork from the wonderfully talented artists over at Mondo Tees. Get ready for an eyeful! It's not gonna be easy to nab one, but seriously, wow.

World War Z Collectibles Officially on Their Way

Our resident purveyor of all things plastic, Nomad, has just gotten word that new collectibles based upon the upcoming flick World War Z are officially on their way. Read on for the initial details.

UK Toy Fair 2013: McFarlane's Walking Dead Series 3 Images Shamble Forth

Ready for a quick look at the next figures in the McFarlane Toys line of figures based upon "The Walking Dead?" Well it's coming your way regardless of what you're ready for. Nomad has just checked in with the goods.

Funko Brings Forth the Cutest Walking Dead Figures Yet!

The first time Funko unveiled its POP! Television: The Walking Dead figures, we were blown away by their ghastly yet adorable creepiness. Now that Series Two is on the way, scheduled to ship in April, we have to say they very well may have outdone themselves.

Mondo Hits the Beach with JAWS

Picture if you will an idyllic afternoon at the beach. The water is the perfect temperature, kids are playing happily, and families are gathered enjoying the weather. Unbeknownst to them a giant and for now unseen flesh-eating predator is watching and waiting.

The Walking Dead Minimates Series 3 Based on the Prison Storyline Coming this Spring

Diamond Select Toys and Skybound have announced the prison-based The Walking Dead Minimates Series 3 debuting this spring along with a contest to make your own mini-movie starring the two earlier series of The Walking Dead Minimates to be judged by Robert Kirkman.

Quantum Mechanix to Release Super 8 Alien Bust in March; Cube Prop Replica Available Now

If you're a fan of JJ Abrams' Super 8, starting this March, you can add your very own Limited Edition Alien Bust from the film to your horror collection. And to fill the time between now and then, you can play with the company's Argus Cube Prop Replica, which is available already.