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#NYCC14: Mezco's 16th Anniversary Pink Posey Living Dead Doll and Exclusives Pre-Order Schedule Unveiled

Mezco has announced another exclusive for the 2014 New York Comic Con, and along with the details of the 16th Anniversary Pink Posey Living Dead Doll, we have their full NYCC pre-order schedule here.

Mezco Unwraps #NYCC14 Exclusive Black and White Mummy Action Figure

Yesterday we showed you one of Mezco's 2014 New York Comic Con exclusive action figures, which brings the titular Son of Frankenstein to our toy shelves. Today we've learned that Mezco is going retro for another exclusive toy at this year's event so read on to check it out!

Son of Frankenstein and Retro-Style NES Jason Voorhees Want Spots on Your Toy Shelf

There's never been a better time than the present to be a horror fan who collects toys, and that's largely thanks to the companies NECA and Mezco. Speaking of which, both companies have just unveiled exciting new offerings so read on to check 'em out!

Exclusive: Win a Premium Format Court of the Dead Collectible from Dread Central and Sideshow

You want cool? Here's cool! One complaint we hear about some of Sideshow's more gorgeous collectibles is that they're really expensive. But hey, you get what you pay for! Still... what if you could win one of the most badass things you've ever seen?

Another Look at NECA's Glorious Ultimate Freddy

From Figures.com comes another look at NECA's Ultimate Freddy collectible, which will be hitting stores this fall in celebration of the 30th anniversary of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Check it out, and then wipe your mouth when you're done. That drool is just unbecoming.

NECA Sharpens Blades on Dream Warriors Replica Freddy Glove

Countless Freddy Krueger gloves have hit the market over the years, from officially licensed cheapies to fan-made replicas that look like they were plucked right out of the movies. In-between are toy company NECA's replica gloves, which combine quality with affordability...

Things Get Creepy at Funko with American Horror Story Pop! Vinyls

Funko has made some new additions to its Pop! Vinyl line, and considering they're from one of our most favorite horror TV shows, of course we had to share the news!

Horror Decor's Newest Horror Buddy Wishes You Sweet Dreams All Month!

When you're looking to rest your head down at night, why shouldn't you have the opportunity to cuddle up with the bastard son of a 100 maniacs?! It's your god-given right! Enter the wonderful loonies at Horror Decor...

New 3A Toys Art Figure Introduces You to ZOMB MD

Australian artist Ashley Wood is the co-owner of a collectibles company called 3A Toys, which has become known for its high-end designer offerings. Wood is also the man behind the comic series Adventure Kartel, the villain of which is an undead monster by the name of ZOMB MD.

NECA Finds New Gremlins on the Planet of the Apes

NECA has revealed a bunch of new goodies over the last few days, and we've picked our choices to tell you about. On tap right now are images of their new Mogwais from Gremlins and a crop of old and new Planet of the Apes figures to DIE for!

Keep Track of Your Keys with these Walking Dead Pocket Pop! Keychains from Funko

It's no secret that we love Funko's Pop! Vinyl line, and they've just added a new subset to the mix with Pocket Pop! Keychains. The first wave includes two beloved characters from "The Walking Dead": Daryl Dixon and Sheriff Rick Grimes.

Funko Unleashing Universal Monsters

Funko has carved out an incredible niche for itself with its awesomely cute Pop! Vinyl series, which grows more and more monstrous in the most amazing of ways! Next up for the purveyors of all that is tiny and cool? The Universal Monsters.

#SDCC 2014: First Images of NECA's Ellen Ripley Action Figures

Being that she's one of the most badass characters in film history, it only makes sense that the Alien universe's Ellen Ripley has been honored with a handful of action figures over the years. But there's always been a catch involved, which has resulted in them being a bit less than screen-accurate.

#SDCC14: See All the Sights from the Showroom Floor and Beyond!

Along with juggling the panels, press rooms, and parties of SDCC 2014, we here at Dread Central will do our best to bring you all the sights there are to see in San Diego. Keep your eyes here for our ever-expanding gallery of the sublime, the silly, and everything in between!

#SDCC14: Michael Bailey Smith Signing Super Freddy Figures at Comic-Con

Planning on picking up NECA's Super Freddy Doll at Comic-Con this week? Then you may as well have it signed by the actor who portrayed the pumped-up serial killing nightmare man, Michael Bailey Smith!