Horror Art

Into the Labyrinth & Mind of Guillermo Del Toro - A Tribute Art Exhibit Being Held at Hyaena Gallery Now

Here's another great event for you folks in the Burbank area. The Hyaena Gallery is currently featuring an art show paying tribute to legendary horror creator Guillermo Del Toro. The exhibit is on display now with an opening reception scheduled for July 6.

Horror Photog Joshua Hoffine Does it Again With Zombie Shoot Last Stand

Nobody does horror photography quite like the one and only Joshua Hoffine. So when we heard he released a new pic featuring a zombie attack, we had to share it with our beloved Dreadies as soon as possible!

Gremlins X-Rayed and Studied in the Name of Science

Remember those Gamera and Godzilla X-ray posters we've seen for a couple of years now? Well, artist Brad McGinty has taken that medium and given it a Spielbergian twist by creating stunning anatomy charts for Mogwais and Gremlins. Dig it!

7 of the Cutest Horror Icons You'll Ever See

Who's a cute little homicidal murderer who enjoys bathing in the blood of his or her victims? Yes, you are! And who's the lovable little loony I just want to pinch the cheek of? It's you also! IT'S YOU! See for yourself!

Must See! Incredibly Creepy Paper Sculptures

Here at Dread Central we do our very best to seek out the mad, the curious, and the macabre. We just came across something you cats HAVE GOT to see! Flexible paper sculptures! You just have no idea how insane these are. Watch these videos immediately!

Take a Look at Some Haunting Images by Dutch Photographer Niki Feijen

There is a little voyeur in all of us. Everyone likes to take a peek at things they weren't meant to see. Dutch photographer Niki Feijen has made a living of ignoring 'Do Not Enter' signs to capture some amazing artwork.

Horror Photographer Joshua Hoffine's Zombie Photo Shoot Last Stand Leads to Greatest Harlem Shake Video Ever!

At one time or another we've all checked out a Harlem Shake video on YouTube. I enjoyed the Miami Heat's version, and the "Duck Dynasty" guys had a good one, too.

Clint Carney's The Final Fire Art Exhibit Opening at Hyaena Gallery on November 3rd

He lent his considerable talents to charity earlier this year for The Horror Starlets, and now artist Clint Carney’s latest artwork is set to bow at Hyaena Gallery in Burbank, California.

The QuiET RoOM BeARs Rise Again, Check Out the Making-Of Trailer and New Site

Lee Howard might be as close to an evil genius as we've met in quite some time, with his most evily, geniusy project being The QuiET RoOM BeARs. For those of you who like to be surrounded by horrific memorabilia and figurines, a Quiet Room Bear might be your ultimate friend to the end.

The Dude Designs Celebrates the Heyday of Horror VHS Art with a Stunning New Poster!

Back in the Eighties there were certain movies I'd rent on VHS just because the cover art was so damned good. Sure, some of them ended up sucking in comparison to their flashy covers, but screw it! It was all part of the budding home video experience.

Horror Photographer Joshua Hoffine Completes Jack the Ripper Photo Panel

Incredible horror photographer Joshua Hoffine was recently on the pages of Dread Central for releasing the opening photo of his two-panel Jack the Ripper project. As promised, he recently unveiled the second and final part of the work, and it's as gruesome as advertised.

Horror Photographer Joshua Hoffine Reveals His Newest Nightmare: Jack the Ripper

Fantastic horror photog Joshua Hoffine has been busy at work and has just revealed his latest project. Hoffine dug deep into the history of true crime and brilliantly selected Jack the Ripper as his newest subject.

First Look at Photographer Joshua Hoffine's Newest Project Persephone

Those of you who are familiar with the absolutely incredible work of horror photographer Joshua Hoffine know that his creations are quite simply nightmares captured by his lens. And for you new to Hoffine, think of him as Anne Geddes meets ... oh, I don't know ... Satan.

Chris Haberman's VHS Misadventures

Need to ask a favor, folks. Here’s the deal: Months ago my wife and I and our friend John, whom you will meet later, decided to utilize our precious vacation time to rent a car and drive from our native Kentucky to Colorado. The goal was just to see what happened along the way. We departed on a Friday night with no reservations and a minimum of must-see destinations (the Badlands were imperative; the rest could be bypassed according to our whims at that time, at that moment).

The Japanese Know How to Make Syfy and Asylum Movies Look Awesome

Eye-catching artwork is something American DVD distributors seem to either take for granted or are just no damn good at, especially when it comes to selling B-movies. The Japanese, on the other hand, can make a $2 million Syfy TV movie look like a $200 million blockbuster. As a special Christmas treat, I’m here to gift you with 60 stunning examples showcasing the awesomeness of the artwork for Syfy and The Asylum Japanese DVD releases.