Horror Art

Exclusive: Legendary FX Artist Rick Baker on His Team-Up with MAC Cosmetics and MORE!

Kicking off with a kick-ass party on a Saturday night, monster makeup master Rick Baker celebrated his new collaboration with MAC Cosmetics by inviting just a few hundred of his closest friends.

October Artist Spotlight: Andreas Werchmeister's Jr. Killers

There's no doubt about it... Freddy, Jason, and Leatherface are as vicious and menacing as they come. But they weren't always that way! In fact, they started off cute as a button... at least artist Andreas Werchmeister likes to think so.

The Man Without Fear Battles Monsters in Daredevil #33

Though the creatures of the night often retreat back into the darkness after Halloween, such is not the case in the world of Daredevil. In the next issue of his latest comic series from Marvel, set to go on sale on November 20th...

Last Rites Gallery's 13th Hour Exhibit Highlights Dark Surrealistic Artwork

Dark surrealism is the theme of this year's Halloween art exhibit at New York's Last Rites Gallery, which will combine beauty and horror in equal measure. Read on for full details and to see a listing of the artists whose handiwork will be on display!

Creepshow Digital Print Featuring George Romero and Stephen King Available TODAY!

Strange Kids Club has revealed its final October art print release, and not only does it pay tribute to both George Romero and Stephen King, but it also promises: "The Most Fun You'll Ever Have... BEING SCARED!!"

Mondo Releasing Dracula to Jason Edmiston's Universal Monsters Series

A couple of days ago we showed you Mondo's take on Universal's classic monsters, but conspicuous by his absence was Bela Lugosi as Dracula. Well, guess who just checked in and is waiting to join his beastly brood!

Mondo Releasing Jason Edmiston's Universal Monsters Screenprints on October 16th

With October being Halloween month, Mondo has turned to the classics - Universal's classic monsters in fact - for its monthly drool-worthy poster offerings. Read on for the details!

25th Anniversary Night of the Demons Glow-in-the-Dark Screenprint Available TODAY!

Today is the 25th anniversary of Night of the Demons' release, and what better way to celebrate than snagging a limited edition glow-in-the-dark screenprint being offered online in just a few hours by Strange Kids Club? Read on for the details, and be ready to act quickly!

Hero Complex Gallery's Walking Dead Art Exhibit Takes a Bite Out of LA

After what feels like an eternity without Rick and the gang in our lives, "The Walking Dead" finally returns to AMC this Sunday night, kicking off the fourth season of the show.

Incredible Print Celebrating Horror's Biggest Boogeymen On Sale October 1st

If you're in the market for one bitchin' piece of artwork with which to adorn your dwelling, you're not gonna do much better than this bit from artist Ted Bracewell and the Poster Collective which celebrates the many famous faces of the horror genre.

Mondo Honors Tales From the Crypt with Gallery Show

I don't always wish I lived in Texas. But when I do, it's because Mondo is running an art exhibit in their gallery that I just cannot miss. And this is one of those can't miss events.

Monsters Get Sexy for Glamourama - The Pin-Up Art of Carlos Valenzuela

Alrighty, kids! Looking for a little carnal knowledge to be dropped on you for Hump Day? Then you are going to love this as your favorite monsters have been meshed with pin-up girls! Check it out!

Hot Chicks in Their Underwear Killing Zombies. Got Your Attention?

You have to admit there was no need for a witty headline to get you to click on this story, was there? We didn't think so. And the content of this story is EXACTLY what we promised. Go ahead. Don't waste another second ogling the text! On to the eye candy!

Tesco Apologizes for Selling Coolest Coloring Book Ever - Colour Me Good, Arrggghhhh

Know your audience! British online sales giant Tesco was recently scolded for selling a controversial coloring book. Colour Me Good, Arrggghhhh was marketed as a children's coloring book but actually features images from classic horror films! Awesome!

Horror-Themed Butter Sculptures Clog Your Arteries with Terror

Know what's deadly? Cholesterol! There's nothing like a deadly build-up of it within the old ticker to bring you face-to-face with the Widow Maker. Know what else is deadly? Psychos wielding sharp implements looking to stop your heart in a different way.