Hell Ride

Hell Ride (Blu-ray / DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Larry Bishop, Michael Madsen, David Carradine, Dennis Hopper, Eric Balfour Directed by Larry Bishop Distributed by Dimension Extreme

Hell Ride DVD Art!

Obviously we missed the very short theatrical run of Larry Bishop's Hell Ride last month, which is too bad because I bet it looks great on the big screen...

Hell Ride

 Year  Country
  • Year: 2009
  • Country: USA
  •  Run Time   MPAA Rating
  • Rating: R
  •  Category  Color
  • Category: Feature
  • Color type: Color
  •  Director
  • Director: Larry Bishop
  •  Writer(s)
  • Writer: Larry Bishop
  •  Starring
     Sub Genre
  • Sub Genre: Road Movie
  •  Keywords
  • Themes: Revenge
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    Plot Synopsis:

    When one of their own is killed, Pistolero, The Gent and Comanche set out to get revenge on rival biker gang The 666ers. In-fighting, family troubles, and women galore will not make this an easy task at all.

  • Hell Ride (Blu-ray / DVD)

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    Hell Ride DVD Art!
    Badass Hell Ride Trailer!
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    Jones Talks Meat, Hell
    Exclusive: Hell Ride Casting!
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    Badass Hell Ride Trailer!

    We knew when Larry Bishop’s Hell Ride was first announced that it’d be a healthy slice of badassedness for those of us who are into things like bikes, beer and booty. If you count yourself among those numbers, you need to see this...

    The Horrors of Sundance

    Honestly, traveling to Utah has never crossed my mind for any reason. It's just hard to have a passing thought of, "Hey! I should go to Utah because..." That was until STYD released a list of 11 horror and thriller movies that will be shown at next year's Sundance Film Festival.

    Jones Talks Meat, Hell

    Our man on the scene, Sean Clark, got a chance to visit the set of Midnight Meat Train a few days back (lucky sonofabitch) and told us that it kicked a lot of ass. Of course you’re going to have to wait to read more about it as they’re being tight-lipped on the details for now, but at least you have something to look forward to, right?

    Exclusive: Hell Ride Casting!

    Grindhouse worshippers were rocked when it was announced that Larry Bishop would be writing and directing a Tarantino-produced hardcore biker epic known as Hell Ride (read about it here if you missed it). Well, prepare for more rocking!

    Tarantino & Bishop Raise Hell

    Tarantino brought him back, briefly, for a role in Kill Bill, but now he’s handing Larry Bishop (pictured) a wad of cash to bring a badass-sounding blood-and-sex-soaked tale of revenge to the big screen.