#SDCC14: Syfy Bringing Sharknado 2, Dominion, Helix, and More to the Show

With San Diego Comic-Con just two weeks away, the panel announcements are coming in hot and heavy, and now it's Syfy's turn to share what they'll be bringing with them to the big dance.

New Promo Teaser Hints at What Happens Next in Helix Season 2

The explosive "Helix" Season 1 finale that aired last night left many unanswered questions. Fortunately, if you're curious about the answers to said questions, you already know Season 2 is on its way in 2015. Here's a quick teaser to further whet your appetite for what happens next.

Syfy Renews Helix for Another Season

With its Season One finale, "Dans l'Ombre," airing tonight, the timing of this announcement that "Helix" has been renewed for another season on Syfy couldn't have come at a better time! Read on for the details.

Get the First Look at the Helix Season Finale Episode 1.13 - Dans l'Ombre

"Helix" went a bit off the rails in the last few weeks, but with only one episode left, we're sticking with it just to see how things wind up. If you are, too, here are a half dozen images and Syfy's usual five-minute preview of Episode 1.13, "Dans l'Ombre."

Set a Trap with These New Photos and 5-Minute Clip from Helix Episode 1.12 - The Reaping

Just two episodes remain in Season 1 of "Helix," and things are getting really tense up in the Arctic. This batch of stills and a sneak peek of Episode 1.12, "The Reaping," hold a few clues of how things are going to work out for our folks from the CDC.

Don a Slicker and Check Out These Images from Helix Episode 1.11 - Black Rain

We're surprised there hasn't been much chatter amongst our readers about Syfy's "Helix." There are just three episodes left, and we're loving every second of it! Here are some photos from Episode 1.11, "Black Rain," to get those of you who are also watching ready for Friday night.

Grab an Umbrella and Get a Sneak Peek of Helix Episode 1.11 - Black Rain

If you've been watching "Helix" on Syfy, you know one thing's for sure: That damn virus wants to be spread! In Episode 1.11, "Black Rain," Peter leads the vectors in a full-on attack of the base... and that's just the start of the problems.

Certain Death Awaits in this First Look at Helix Episode 1.10 - Fushigi

With "Helix" Season 1 winding down, viewers are gonna want some answers, and that seems to be what's in store for us in Episode 1.10, "Fushigi." Per usual the photos provided by Syfy don't reveal much, but we also have the first five minutes and a preview of the ep.

Visit Level X via These New Images from Helix Episode 1.09

We're kind of surprised more of our readers aren't talking about Syfy's "Helix" since it's a great mix of horror, sci-fi, and mystery. If you're still watching along with us, here's a fresh batch of stills from Episode 1.09, "Level X."

Strange Alliances Are Formed in this First Look at Helix Episode 1.09 - Level X

We're not sure how many more twists and turns "Helix" has up its sleeve, but we're certainly enjoying the ride so far. And even more revelations are promised in next week's Episode 1.09, "Level X." Here's a look at the first four minutes.

Helix Q&A: Jeri Ryan and Steve Maeda Talk Forthcoming Answers, Upping the Gore, Season 2, and Lots More

Syfy hosted a Q&A with "Helix" guest star Jeri Ryan and exec producer/showrunner Steve Maeda last week, and they revealed quite a bit about what's ahead now that Constance Sutton (Ryan) has arrived in the Arctic.

Vectors Attack in this Sneak Peek of Helix Episode 1.08 - Bloodline

Jeri Ryan's guest stint on "Helix" continues next week, but this almost 5-minute clip from Episode 1.08, "Bloodline," focuses on Alan, Sarah, and Julia.. ending with a startling confession by the latter.

Hear from Helix Stars Billy Campbell and Kyra Zagorsky

"Helix" is moving right along on Syfy, and this Friday we'll be up to Day 7, or Episode 1.07, "Survivor Zero." But first let's hear a little about the show from stars Billy Campbell and Kyra Zagorsky.

Jeri Ryan Arrives to Help in this Sneak Peek of Helix Episode 1.07 - Survivor Zero

We're halfway through Season 1 of "Helix," and next week guest star Jeri Ryan ("Star Trek: Voyager") arrives in the Arctic to help. Here's a four-minute sneak peek of Episode 1.07, "Survivor Zero," in which she first appears, along with a few photos of our weary CDC crew.

Catch Up on Syfy's Helix with a Marathon of the First Five Episodes

If you're not watching Syfy's new series "Helix," you're missing some seriously spooky Arctic shenanigans. Want to see what the fuss is about? You can catch up on the previously aired episodes TONIGHT!