Haunting in Connecticut

First Bit of Teaser Art - The Haunting in Georgia

Lionsgate dropped a really early bit of teaser art for The Haunting in Georgia, the upcoming second installment of its The Haunting in ... franchise (which was spawned by the hit The Haunting in Connecticut), and as always we've got the goods for ya right here.

Katee Sackhoff and Abigail Spencer Official for The Haunting in Georgia

Two more stars are ready to have their wits scared scared out of them in The Haunting in Georgia, the follow-up to the hit flick The Haunting in Connecticut, one of whom should make "BSG" fans especially happy.

Chad Michael Murray Scores Lead in The Haunting in Georgia

More casting news coming in for Gold Circle Films' indirect follow-up to their hit The Haunting in Connecticut! So who's the next male lead to be terrorized by things going bump in the night? Read on!

First Casting News: The Haunting in Georgia

It's a pretty commonly known fact that usually children end up being the target in most hauntings. Maybe it's because they're more open-minded and haven't traded magic for fact just yet as we adults have done. Or maybe, just maybe, it's because ghosts can't stand the lil bastids!

A Haunting in Georgia Finds Its Director

Finally a director has been named for Gold Circle Films' sequel to the hit spooker A Haunting in Connecticut. Someone who's very well schooled in the way the first film was put together.

Ti West Talks Haunting in Georgia Exit

Last week we reported the unfortunate news that Lionsgate's companion piece to its hit The Haunting in Connecticut, titled The Haunting in Georgia, was going to start filming without the previously attached director Ti West. Now some light has been shed on the young talent's exit from the project.

The Haunting in Georgia Shooting This Summer Sans Director Ti West

Looks as if Lionsgate's Georgia-based companion piece to its hit spooker The Haunting in Connecticut is readying itself to begin lensing this summer, but not with the director who was previously attached.

A Haunting Signing at Dark Delicacies

Looking to pick up your copy of The Haunting in Connecticut (review here) on DVD or Blu-ray but feel like something would be missing ... like say some autographs from star Kyle Gallner, producers Daniel Farrands and Andy Trapani, and director Peter Cornwell? Well, if you're in or near the Burbank area, Dark Delicacies can help you fix all that!

Win a Copy of The Haunting in Connecticut on DVD

Ready for some free ghostly goods? Well we''ve got your chance to win a brand spankin' new copy of The Haunting in Connecticut (review here) on DVD!

Haunting in Connecticut, The (DVD / Blu-ray)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Virginia Madsen, Kyle Gallner, Elias Koteas, Amanda Crew Directed by Peter Cornwell Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Lots of "Haunting" News

With the success of Lionsgates' The Haunting in Connecticut at the box office, those associated with the project are all looking toward some new haunting tales to tell that may end up as a trilogy and more!

Haunting in Connecticut this July

Never mind that silly rumored November release date. Lionsgate has announced a July 14th bow for their box office success, The Haunting in Connecticut.

Dinner for Fiends: Knowing about the Haunting

All right, kids! Time to strap in for a double dose of DFF goodness as we tackle both The Haunting in Connecticut and Nicolas Cage's latest disasterpiece -- Knowing!

Haunting in Connecticut, The (2009)

Reviewed by Nomad Starring Virginia Madsen, Kyle Gallner, Elias Koteas, Amanda Crew Directed by Peter Cornwell

A Haunting in Connecticut: What Really Happened?

By now, we've all seen the trailers of creepy shadow people, a boy with strange writing all over his body, and women screaming when the shower curtain attacks them.