Hammer Chillers Online Audio Dramas Set to Begin June 7; CD Digipak Releasing July 26

Hammer Chillers is a new horror anthology series that will premiere June 7th. Available first as six 30-minute weekly downloadable episodes from the Hammer website, the collected series will also be released on CD July 26th with special bonus material.

Hammer's Former Home Historic Bray Studios Being Turned into Luxury Apartments

Here's some heart-wrenching news for fans of classic Hammer horror films. Turns out the owner of Bray Studios, where the iconic studio filmed many of its most classic films, is looking to turn this once mecca of horror into luxury homes.

The Woman in Black: Angel of Death - First Casting News!

We make no bones about it: The Woman in Black is one of our favorite ghostly tales here at Dread Central so we're eager to see where the Hammer sequel will be taking our favorite child-snatching spectre. For now, though, the first casting news has come.

First One-Sheet for The Quiet Ones Makes Some Noise

On tap right now is the first official one-sheet for the next chiller from Hammer, entitled The Quiet Ones. Yeah, it's kind of small, but I'm sure we'll have a high-resolution version for you cats soon enough. Dig it!

EFM 2013: First Look at Hammer's The Quiet Ones; UK Distro Secured

Some quick distro news and a brand new still have come out of the European Film Market for Hammer's latest flick, The Quiet Ones. What a wonderfully noisy way to keep your Friday afternoon cooking!

Director Found for The Woman in Black: Angel of Death

BAFTA-nominated Tom Harper (The Scouting Book for Boys, Misfits) will direct The Woman in Black: Angel of Death, the sequel to horror smash The Woman in Black (review), starring Daniel Radcliffe, that was adapted from a Susan Hill story.

Hammer Launches YouTube Channel; Get a Sneak Peek of The Quiet Ones

As big fans of classic Hammer horror films (and the studio's newer offerings, too), we couldn't be happier to announce the launch of the Hammer YouTube channel, which will stream exclusive new content and restored classics online. First up: a sneak peek of The Quiet Ones.

Hammer Thinking Franchise with The Woman in Black; Daniel Radcliffe Back for Part 2?

We all know that a sequel to the hit Hammer flick The Woman in Black (review here) is well on its way, but the studio seems to be thinking even further ahead than just that. Read on for details.

First Plot Details: The Woman in Black: Angel of Death

Hammer's take on the Susan Hill tale The Woman in Black (review here) put them back on the map in a really big way so a sequel was a bit of a no-brainer. Read on for what to expect when Part 2 of this terror tale spreads its wings.

Synapse Films Unleashing Hammer's Twins of Evil onto Blu-ray

Any time a Hammer flick hits high definition is time for celebration, and those lovable loonies at Synapse Films have given us yet another reason to party! Read on for all the news ya need!

Hammer Enters the Winchester House of Mystery

Having toured the Winchester Mystery House personally, I can attest to the fact that the place is as odd as they come. Seriously weird. Windows in the floor. Doors that go nowhere. It's truly a sight and the perfect place for a ghost story based upon, well, the real life ghost stories!

The Next Installment of The Woman in Black Saga Coming - The Woman in Black: Angel of Death

After scoring major box office dollars worldwide with The Woman in Black (review here), Hammer is gearing up for a sequel! Read on!

Hammer Releases ScreamBoard Digital App for iPhone

Nothing beats the classics, and the people at Hammer Films are giving you the chance to relive some of your favorite moments from their iconic films with a new iPhone app, The Hammer ScreamBoard.

Hammer Resurrecting Dracula?

Though Bela Lugosi usually gets all the love, lots of actors have portrayed the role of the nefarious Count Dracula. Of special note is the portrayal given by Christopher Lee for Hammer, which is widely regarded as the best of them all. Hammer knew what they were doing, and they're now looking to rekindle some long burned out fires.

Hammer Archives its Scripts

It's great to live in an era when one of the greatest studios to ever unleash mass amounts of horror to the masses is enjoying a resurgence by kicking some ass once again. That being said, Hammer is also looking to preserve its past for the future.