Original Halloween VHS Goes for Big Money on eBay

In news that makes me sick to my stomach (mainly because I owned this), the original 1979 VHS tape of John Carpenter's classic Halloween from Media Home Entertainment has sold for an astronomical $13,220 (plus $3.77 shipping of course).

Rob Zombie Moving on From the Horror Genre

Some interesting news is coming in from Rob Zombie that's likely going to have some fans protesting and others falling to their knees and thanking the heavens above. Sounds like the rocker turned filmmaker is done with making horror movies.

The Horror Wrestling Federation Presents - Original Michael vs. Ghostface

Here we are again. Hump day. How about we let out a little of that pent-up aggression by revisiting the hallowed halls of the HWF (Horror Wrestling Federation) and check out a grudge match that's been brewing for decades... Michael Myers vs. Ghostface!

Rob Zombie Miserable During Halloween Films; Interesting Take on The Blob

While doing press for his latest film, The Lords of Salem, rocker turned filmmaker Rob Zombie spoke to The Playlist and took a look back at two of his most controversial films and lent some insight into one that never happened.

Exclusive Modern Masters of Horror Interview Series: In-Depth with John Carpenter

John Carpenter has been making films for longer than you have been living. Do the math. His post college career, alone, is probably longer than your lifespan.

Doctor Gash's Top 10 Greatest Horror Movies... EVER! #3 - Halloween

We're down to the top three horror movies ever created. I'm excited; how about you? For a long time the number three film was the most financially successful indie film of all time. But Halloween is not on this list for the money it made; it's here for the nightmares it generated.

Huge Image Gallery from the 2012 West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval

Last night, on October 31, 2012, the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval celebrated its 25th anniversary by becoming the world's largest city-sanctioned Halloween party, and Dread Central was there to bring back all the colorful sights for you.

Event Report: The sCare Foundation 2nd Annual Halloween Benefit; Exclusive Photos and Video

Dread Central hit the sCare Foundation’s 2nd Annual Halloween Benefit on Sunday, October 28, in Los Angeles and brought back some photos, video, and interviews from the genre-heavy red carpet and event. Read on!

Haunt Report: Dread Central Visits Haunted Hollywood Sports

We all long to experience a realistic zombie apocalypse simulation, and while I already fled the undead at Run for Your Lives and braved Halloween Horror Nights’ "The Walking Dead" maze, I did so unarmed. That wasn’t the case when Dread Central hit Haunted Hollywood Sports.

Mike Myers is Michael Myers in Hysterical Halloween Mash-Up

For anyone growing up with the name "Michael Myers," life had to be kind of awkward at times for obvious reasons, but what if comedian Mike Myers and slasher supreme Michael Myers were one and the same? Does it make you horny, baby?

sCare Foundation to Honor Legendary Actor Malcolm McDowell with the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award

The sCare Foundation announced today it will honor legendary actor Malcolm McDowell (Rob Zombie’s Halloween, A Clockwork Orange) with the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award at its 2nd Annual Halloween Benefit on October 28, 2012.

CONTEST CLOSED! sCare Foundation to Honor Halloween Actress Kyle Richards at October 28th Fundraiser; Win a Pair of Tickets to the Event

We recently learned that sCare Foundation will host its second Halloween Benefit Event on October 28th, and now we can reveal who the evening's honoree will be as well as details of how you can win a pair of tickets.

Man Who Created Halloween, The (Book)

Written by Irwin Yablans Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Pixar Readying Toy Story of Terror for Halloween 2013

Do you have any kids you want to introduce to horror? Or maybe you're just a big kid at heart? Then you'll want to mark your calendars for Halloween of 2013 as that's when Pixar Animation Studios and Disney will be releasing the "Toy Story of Terror" TV special, which will take you on a trip to infinity... from the beyond!