Mini Shark Swarm Trailer Found

Though I’d like to say that anytime John Schneider and Daryl Hannah are in a movie together, I’m there with no questions asked. Sadly that is not the case, but throw in a shitload of sharks and you’ve won me over.

Bait for the Shark Swarm

Coming just a few weeks after we showed you the Shark Swarm poster ("Shark Swarm Poster, Full Synopsis!" - November 2007), RHI Films has now updated their official website with 105 pictures from the fish flick. The pics are small and heavily watermarked, but something is better than nothing.

Shark Swarm Poster, Full Synopsis!

You may not remember the project known as Shark Swarm, but that’s more our fault than yours since we haven’t mentioned it in a while ("Hallmark Gets Shark a Swarm!" – July 2007). We’ll make it up to you guys now though, I promise!

Hallmark Gets a Shark Swarm!

Over the weekend a reader dropped us a line with a heads-up about a new film being shot for The Hallmark Channel, of all places, that really sounds like it might be the shark movie we’ve all been waiting for. Seriously.