Grindhouse Film Festival

Grindhouse Film Festival at New Beverly Cinema in LA, April 10

We know this is pretty late notice, but you West Coasters still have time to make it to the Grindhouse Film Festival at the New Beverly Cinema this Tuesday, April 10th, at 7:30 pm. Look at this unique lineup they've got for you.

Full Clu Gulager Film Festival Details!

What are you doing tonight? I'm recording a new Dinner for Fiends, but the rest of you in the L.A. area should be heading out to see the Clu Gulager Film Festival, which kicks off tonight at 7:30 PM with a screening of Dan O'Bannon's punktastic Return of the Living Dead.

The Clu Gulager Film Festival!

Our man Andrew Kasch reported in this past weekend with news that the one and only Clu Gulager, father of John and actor in more roles than I care to count, is starting up his very own film festival in Los Angeles. Running August 27th-30th, the craftily titled Clu Gulager Film Festival will feature some great movies and even better guests.