October Spotlight: Director of Photography Karl Siemon Talks Grandpa, Razor Eaters, and Lots More

Karl Siemon is a DP you've almost heard of thanks to a "little" movie called Saw, but if you're a serious cult film fan, you should know him well thanks to an Aussie horror film entitled Razor Eaters (2003).

Artwork, Trailer, and a Review Now Live for Leslie Simpson's Grandpa

A few weeks ago we posted an interview with actor turned short film writer/director Leslie Simpson about his new project Grandpa, and now we have the poster and trailer to share as well as a review!

Grandpa (Short, 2013)

Starring Francesco Basile, Eddie Baroo, Claudia Greenstone, Leslie Simpson Written and directed by Leslie Simpson

Exclusive: Leslie Simpson Talks His New Short Film Grandpa, Directing Himself, New World Cinema, and More

Most genre fans will recall Leslie Simpson from the credits of film favourites Dog Soldiers and The Descent as, respectively, Pvt. Terry Milburn and a Crawler. Well, now he’s upped-stakes from England and is finding quite a bit of creativity Down Under.