Witness the Attack of the Gorilla Right Now!

We've been talking about the recent homage to 50's horror entitled Gorilla, now called Attack of the Gorilla, for a couple of months now; and thanks to the wonders of the Internet, you can watch the flick right now!

New One-Sheet For 50's Homage Gorilla; Screening in Canada

We told you about the upcoming homage to 50's horror entitled Gorilla a couple of months ago, and now the filmmakers behind it have shot us over a new one-sheet and news of its Canadian theatrical premiere!

An All New Gorilla from the 50s Is on the Loose

In horror's early days you could find a rabid rampaging gorilla in tons of different horror flicks. If didn't even matter if the movie was about them or whether it actually fit with the goings-on or not. Why? Because the presence of a gorilla is fun.