Good Morning Godzilla - Behind-the-Scenes Potpourri

On tap right now are several new paparazzi pics from the set of Legendary Pictures' Godzilla. Full disclosure - not a whole hell of a lot here that we haven't seen before, but hey! What the hell, right?

Good Morning Godzilla - The Military Flies The Unfriendly Skies

Alrighty, so the ground offensive isn't exactly going great for the military. I mean... that's just what happens when you're fighting a gigantic monster. The probability of getting crushed is pretty damned high! Maybe the troops in the air will fare better?

Good Morning Godzilla - First On-Set Look at Elizabeth Olsen

Could there be a better way to cap off the news week than seeing just how wet Godzilla star Elizabeth Olsen can get? What? You dirty perverts! Not like that. That'd be cool, too, but get your minds out of the gutters for a second, will ya? (Then put it back.)

Good Morning Godzilla - Is This the Beginning of Our End? Japan Under Quarantine!

This latest batch of images gives us time to speculate on the origins surrounding Godzilla in the new flick from Legendary Pictures and Warner Brothers. Japan is "officially" under quarantine, and we've got the shots and more!

Good Morning Godzilla - People Run for their Lives for the Trailer

Word has come our way that a trailer is also being shot in Canada for Legendary Pictures' Godzilla, and we've got three videos on tap from the shoot for you! Check them out and continue counting the days.

Good Morning Godzilla - Chinatown vs. Godzilla

A trio of new images have made their way online from the now-shooting Godzilla, and this latest set shows off Marine Way and Byrne Road dressed as San Francisco’s Chinatown. Not much to look at, but hey... Dig it anyway!

Good Morning Godzilla - New Image Houses Secrets

A new image from Legendary Pictures' Godzilla has been released and it's home to a lot of mystery... Mystery that just screams, "Okay, what the hell is behind that door in the vault?" Let the speculation begin!

Early Art for Godzilla, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Jurassic Park, and More!

Some show floor photos from the ongoing Licensing Expo have hit the Interwebs featuring some banner art for Legendary Pictures' upcoming version of Godzilla along with goods from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Ghostbusters, Divergent, and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

New Warner Bros. Godzilla Press Release Teases More Creatures to Come!

For decades now Godzilla has been a marketing juggernaut. One quick search on eBay reveals thousands of items fitted with Big G's fiery presence. With a new film coming up, you can expect an exponential increase of products...

Good Morning Godzilla - Japan Gets Ready

The Godzilla production team spent a great deal of time in New Westminster, BC, recently as it doubled for San Francisco, and now the city is getting a Far East makeover. Check out this latest round of set pics.

Another Look at Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Bryan Cranston on the set of Godzilla

A new round of paparazzi pix from the now filming Godzilla have made their way online via Just Jared, and they feature an extremely good look at stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Bryan Cranston plowing through the muck.

Good Morning Godzilla - Where the Streets Have No Flame

More images of destruction have come our way from a Flickr user named Mashimero. Upon checking them out, all we can picture is the sight of a huge beast barreling down the streets. Check out this new batch!

Good Morning Godzilla - More Burning Behind-the-Scenes Eye Candy

On tap right now are over 30 new paparazzi pics from the set of Legendary Films' Godzilla thanks to a camera-happy Imgur user named Cornholio. For these pics we will happily send him T.P. for his bunghole.

Good Morning Godzilla - San Francisco Left in Shambles

Crushed vehicles. Fires. Crumbling buildings. People scattered like ants. Yep, Godzilla has been up to his old tricks again in Canada, and we have both new videos and stills showcasing just what kind of menace he's been being. Dig it!

Good Morning Godzilla - Giant Monster Foot + Car = Pancake

Ever wonder what the full weight of a fire-breathing behemoth would do to a parked car should it happen to step right on top of it? We're guessing that it would look like something pretty damned close to this...