Tons of New Godzilla Eye Candy

Giant blue screens! People fleeing for their lives! A wrecked Japanese fishing village! Yep, it's all here in a healthy does of paparazzi images from the set of the now filming Godzilla! Read on for the goodies!

New Godzilla Still Makes Plans to Evacuate

A new image from the now shooting Godzilla has been tweeted by Legendary, and it shows off some evacuation plans that trace the Farallon Islands, which lie 30 miles off the coast of San Francisco. Dig it!

Good Morning Godzilla - Fire From Above? Warheads Locked and Loaded!

Time for a new image that brings about some technical speculation. We all know that the hottest fire appears as a white/bluish flame. With it you get temperatures around 2,732° Fahrenheit (1,500° Celsius). That being said...

Good Morning Godzilla - San Francisco Wharf Recreated in Canada

More images have surfaced from the set of the now filming Godzilla which show off the set dressing that turns Steveston into San Francisco. Check them all out right here and look for more as soon as we dig it up!

Good Morning Godzilla - Testing the Landing Craft; Smokey New Video

We've already seen a few pictures of the military landing craft from the set of the currently shooting Godzilla, and now comes a quick video test of the craft in action. We also have another video from the streets of Steveston!

Good Morning Godzilla - New Behind-the-Scenes Video

A new video from the set of the now filming Godzilla has emerged online of star Aaron Taylor-John filming a scene on a very smokey street. Wonder where all that smoke was coming from? Hopefully a giant fire-breathing beast!

Lives Hang in the Balance in Latest Godzilla Image

Legendary has released a new image from the set of Godzilla featuring some subway action. No, not the sandwich kind. We're talking mass transit, and as far as we're concerned, this is the only acceptable reason for a train delay.

No More Expensive Importing! Diamond Bringing Godzilla Toys and More to the States

If you're anything like yours truly, then you've already been ripped off by importers 100s of times as a means to nab yourself that cool-ass Godzilla toy from Japan. $100 for Jet Jaguar or Kong from King Kong Escapes? Yep, I've so been there. Those days, though, are coming to a close.

Good Morning Godzilla - First On-Set Look at Aaron Taylor-Johnson

It's Friday, and we could not let the weekend kick off without some more eye candy from the set of the now filming Godzilla. On tap right now is your first look at star Aaron Taylor-Johnson along with a whole lot more!

Gareth Edwards Checks In From the Set of Godzilla

Director Gareth Edwards has checked in with a quick video from the FEMA set for the now filming Godzilla, and we have the goods right here for you to dig on. Check it out before fashioning your own tiny city and stomping around. Just one more year, kids!

Good Morning Godzilla - Dozens of New Behind-the-Scenes Images

Dozens, that's right, dozens of new images from the set of the now filming set of Godzilla have arrived, and we have your hot ticket to see every single one of them. The Army have their guns drawn and ready; are you?

Good Morning Godzilla - The Military Rolls Into Steveston Canada

Alrighty, kids! Rise and shine because we have some Godzilla goodness to launch you into your hump day. On tap right now - lots of pics, lots of links, and lots of behind-the-scenes imagery! Dig it!

Good Morning Godzilla - Superfluous Stills From the Vancouver Set

There's nothing too amazing here, but some new imagery from one of the several Vancouver sets of Godzilla has slipped online, and since we found the photos, that means you have found them also. Dig it!

Good Morning Godzilla - The Navy Arrives in British Columbia

Another week, another bit of behind-the-scenes goodness from the set of Godzilla. This one comes to us from Richmond Review reporter Martin Van Den Hemel on Twitter, who spotted an Army landing craft coming ashore at Garry Point.

Good Morning Godzilla - San Francisco Will Be Left Smoldering!

Alright, Godzilla fans! We're back with another dose of morning madness! Since Legendary's Godzilla was first announced, we've been wondering which cities would crumble as a result of his destructive ways. Now we know one of them for sure!