Grimmfest 2014: Goblin to Headline; First Film Announced; Tickets Now On Sale!

Back in April we learned the dates of Grimmfest 2014, which takes place in Manchester, England, from the 2nd-5th October, and now they've revealed the headlining act and first film along with some special September preview screenings.

Goblin Announce 2014 Spring US Tour and Enlist Steve Moore of Zombi

After a phenomenal, sold out North American tour in 2013, Goblin is making a triumphant return to the US this spring, and we have all the info you need right here. With only nine dates, tickets are sure to go fast!

Goblin Adds More US Tour Dates!

A few months back we learned that Dario Argento's right-hand band Goblin is playing live at a handful of locations around the country this October. Even better? The iconic Italian band will continue the tour throughout November and December, tacking 13 additional dates onto the previously announced schedule.

Cult Movie Mania Sending You to See Goblin Live in Atlanta!

Our good friends over at Cult Movie Mania are giving away tickets to see the horror-themed super act Goblin live in Atlanta, and because we love them and we love you, we figured we'd let you know about it!

Goblin Adds a Second Los Angeles Show to Tour Schedule

The October 22nd LA Goblin show went on sale on Saturday, June 29th, and sold out immediately, so a second show has been added for Wednesday, October 23rd. Read on for the details.

Full Goblin Tour Details! Iconic Italian Band Coming to a City Near You!

The sounds of Goblin have been haunting our favorite horror movies for a long time now, and finally the band is U.S. bound for a tour that's not to be missed. Read on for details and tour dates.

Goblin Performing Suspiria in the States for the First Time in October

Horror fans... you may just want to start booking flights to Austin now as you're reading this because this is the type of announcement that simply does not happen every day. Hell, it doesn't happen every decade! Goblin is U.S. bound to perform Suspiria LIVE with the movie!

Goblin and Russia Team to Bring a Pool Full of Horror to the Olympics!

Here at Dread Central we're not exactly big on the Olympic Games. Don't get us wrong; we have lots of pride in Team USA, but we prefer our entertainment to be a bit darker. Thankfully the Russian synchronized swimming duet team brought something to the table we could get behind!

Syfy Launches New Movie Hub Featuring Free Streaming, Viewer Poll & Exclusive Photos

To celebrate Syfy’s June extravaganza of four Saturday Original Movies – Jersey Shore Shark Attack, Piranhaconda, Arachnoquake, and Bigfoot – Syfy Digital is offering fans free streaming of prior Saturday Original Movies at its new Movie Hub via Syfy Rewind.

More on that Nagging Suspiria Remake

Hey, kids! It's time for your daily dosage of non-news, which is when all the major websites on the Internet pick up stories that contain no real news but are littered with buzz words that will serve to get themselves traffic! Hooray!

David Gordon Green Talks a Younger Suspiria Remake

Whether you like it or not, a remake of the Dario Argento classic Suspiria is well on its way featuring music from Goblin (hey, at least there's that). Could the success of Black Swan sway the project in any way? Read on for details.

Lionsgate Unleashes its Goblin in July

Everyone has their Halloween traditions. Some people decorate their homes. Others throw lavish parties. And some? Some people like tossing hideously deformed children into raging bonfires. Those folks know how to party, man!

Suspiria Remake Will at Least Sound Right

Now here's a step in the right direction. If there's one component that makes Suspiria what it is, it's the haunting score by Goblin. Speaking of which ... In a recent interview with MovieLine director David Gordon Green dropped the following bit of really good news on fans:

Goblin (2010)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Gil Bellows, Tracy Spirdakos, Camille Sullivan, Reilly Dolman, Donnelly Rhodes, Andrew Wheeler Directed by Jeffery Scott Lando

Three Bloody Clips From Syfy's Goblin

If Syfy keeps a list of monsters of myth, legend, and cryptozoology, after this weekend they can scratch "goblin" off the list. The new Syfy creature feature Goblin is set at Halloween time, so what better time for Syfy to premiere it than in the middle of July; this Saturday night at 9/8 Central.