Ghost Ship

A Ghost Ship Launches for Halloween in Southern California

As a full-blown haunted attraction junkie, I've spent years covering every October-themed event Los Angeles has to offer. One of the best of the bunch was last year's "LA Haunted Hayride", and the twisted minds behind it are returning with an attraction that, truth be told, even I'm a little scared to go on.

DVD Art & Specs for Warner's 4 Film Favorites: Thriller Collection

We're just coming up on Halloween, and already the home video companies are announcing titles that'll be streeting in early 2010. On the list for January 12th is Warner's 4 Film Favorites: Thriller Collection, which contains four movies that you wouldn't necessarily associate with one another.

Cold Spots: The Legend of the Mary Celeste

A fishing boat late at night, a crew in a deep fog. Sailors are a superstitious lot, pledging their lives and livelihoods to a cruel mistress in the sea. Many have claimed to see mermaids, sea monsters, and other terrors too horrible to give names. The man in the crow's nest calls out, a ship approaching under full sail. Hailing with lanterns yields no contact, and as she swims by, the crew feel a cold shudder running down their spine.