Gene Fallaize

Peter Stormare Gets a Welcome to Purgatory

Around these parts we love us some Peter Stormare. This guy can do creepy and evil with THE BEST of 'em so it only makes sense that he join the ever-growing cast of the new flick from Scott Spiegel (Evil Dead) entitled Welcome to Purgatory. Read on for the latest.

Scott Spiegel-Produced Welcome to Purgatory Takes You to the Afterlife with Jillian Murray

Scott Spiegel has had his hands in many different cookie jars throughout his unique career, most notably serving as the co-writer of Evil Dead 2. Up next he's putting on his producer hat and sending us all straight to Hell.

Scott Spiegel Gets a Hearty Welcome to Purgatory

Okay, so you've just croaked and you're getting ready to dip your toe into the Afterlife. Someone's gotta be around to show you the ropes, right? I mean, you just can't be running around all willy nilly. You need a proper Welcome to Purgatory.