Gale Anne Hurd

AMC Developing Walking Dead Companion Show, New Chris Carter Area 51 Series, Plus Pilots Involving Exorcism, the Occult, and More!

TV's 2014 Upfront presentations are currently under way, and while the horror news has been light so far, today it was AMC's turn, and they have several projects in development that caught our eye.

Get a Nearly Four-Minute Look at the Return of The Walking Dead Season 4

Ready for an in-depth look at the upcoming return of "The Walking Dead" Season 4? Then settle in because here's an almost four-minute behind-the-scenes chat with the cast and crew about what's ahead when the show returns on February 9th.

A Herd of New The Walking Dead Season 4 Video Promos

The Season 4 premiere of "The Walking Dead" is ready to march on in like a herd of hungry walkers, and to get you geared up for the event, we have a quintet of new video promos! Dig 'em!

Five Things You Need to Know About The Walking Dead Season 4

The Season 4 premiere of "The Walking Dead" is so close you can almost smell it... P.U. those zombies stink! To take your minds off the wait, and the stench, here are five things you need to know straight from some of the key cast and crew members.

Gear Up for Season 4 of The Walking Dead with this New Video

Curious about the behind-the-scenes decision-making that goes into "The Walking Dead"? Then check out this new video in which exec producers Gale Anne Hurd, Denise Huth, and Robert Kirkman describe how they selected Greg Nicotero to direct the fourth season premiere.

The Walking Dead Exec Producer Gale Anne Hurd Talks Season 4's Ravenous Zombies and More

Ready for another "Dispatch" from the set of "The Walking Dead"? This week AMC chats with executive producer Gale Anne Hurd about Season 4's ravenous new walkers, which characters would make great producers, and more.

USA Network Moving Forward with Gale Anne Hurd's Horizon; Announces Don't Turn Around

The USA Network announced today that it will start production on "Horizon," a period genre project from executive producer Gale Anne Hurd (“The Walking Dead”), along with the limited series "Don't Turn Around." Read on for more!

More Talk about Season 4 of The Walking Dead from Exec Producer Gale Anne Hurd

We have a few "The Walking Dead" Season 4 teasers from Robert Kirkman here and here, and now it's time to hear from exec producer Gale Anne Hurd, who says it's a good bet the zombies, who stayed on the sidelines a lot during Season 3, will become more threatening. Read on for more.

PaleyFest 2013: Watch the Full The Walking Dead Panel (or Just the Highlights) Right Here!

PaleyFest 2013 kicked off last night, March 1st, at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, California, with a panel for "The Walking Dead"; and if you were among the millions who wanted to attend but couldn't, we have everything you missed right here.

Limited Edition Home Video Packaging Revealed for The Walking Dead Season 3

How do you top home video packaging that included a zombie head with a screwdriver handle sticking out of its eye socket? Well, you give us more heads... this time with lights and much, much more! Oh, Anchor Bay. How we love thee.

Dread Central Attends the Emmys' Evening with The Walking Dead

On February 5th the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (the organization that gives out Emmys) hosted a group panel with the cast and crew of "The Walking Dead" in North Hollywood, and we were there!

Early Christmas Gift to Fans of The Walking Dead: AMC Renews Show for Fourth Season (but Glen Mazzara Out as Showrunner)

The announcement that AMC has renewed "The Walking Dead" is a mixed bag: The show is returning for Season 4 (no surprise given the ratings and fan response to the series), but Glen Mazzara is out as showrunner.

World War II and Aliens Collide in New USA Series

If there's a more genre-friendly producer than Gale Anne Hurd, I've never heard of them. From countless forays into big screen horror and sci-fi to the rousing success of television's "The Walking Dead," Hurd has had plenty of success exploring the dark side of those mediums. And thankfully, she's not done yet.

First Word on The Walking Dead Panel at New York Comic Con 2012

So far this year's New York Comic Con is pretty light on the horror offerings, but considering they just added a panel for "The Walking Dead," we're pretty sure more is coming. We hope so anyway!

Watch the "Fire on the Set" Bonus Feature from The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season Blu-ray/DVD

Curious how they pulled off the barn burning scene at the end of Season 2 of "The Walking Dead"? Then check out this clip from the "Fire on the Set" bonus feature from the Blu-ray/DVD!