Full Moon

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Full Moon Brings Zombies vs. Strippers LIVE to the Show

Getting tired of looking at people dressed in costumes they totally shouldn't be wearing this weekend in San Diego? Yeah, we hear ya. I mean, Fat Iron Man? That doesn't even make sense. Either way, Full Moon Entertainment has a sure fire cure for your boredom.

More Full Moon Classics Hitting Blu-ray and Being Remastered!

There's nothing like a good old fashioned Full Moon feature to conjure up the chills and laughs of days gone by. The studio announced today that even more of its library is going high-def! I'm clearing a spot for Castle Freak right now!

Bath Salts Creating Zombies? Strippers to the Rescue!

Is it life imitating art imitating life? That's the question posed by Full Moon Entertainment who have just released a brand new video in support of their latest flick, Zombies vs. Strippers. Check it out and leave your bath salts in the tub where they belong.

A Comic Approach to Full Moon's Zombies vs. Strippers

Something really neat is here for fans looking forward to Full Moon's next film, Zombies vs. Strippers. A comic one-pager has come our way that details some of the assets the movie has going for it. Two large assets in particular.

Exclusive Artwork and Trailer Premiere for Full Moon's Zombies vs. Strippers

Just a couple of days ago we nailed down the first exclusive stills from Full Moon's new flick, Zombies vs. Strippers. Thankfully we had a wad of singles left over, and now we're bringing you the first look at the artwork and trailer! All we need now is a table dance!

Exclusive Not Safe for Work Stills From Zombies vs. Strippers

Time to add a bit of naughty fun to your afternoon as we have dug our claws into some not safe for work eye candy for you cats in celebration of Full Moon's new flick Zombies vs. Strippers. Make sure no one is looking, and check it out!

Killjoy Goes to Hell in His Fourth Full Moon Outing

Killjoy 3 must have been a modest hit for Full Moon despite the near decade long lay-off between sequels. You won’t have to wait nearly ten more years for the next installment since Killjoy Goes to Hell is about to begin filming.

Dead Want Women, The (2012)

Starring Eric Roberts, Jessica Morris, Ariana Madix, Jean Louise O’Sullivan, Circus-Szalewski, Robert Zachar, Nihilist Gelo

Indie Horror Month Video Interview Part 2: Charles Band Talks VideoZone Special Features, the Importance of the Full Moon Fans and More

In Part 1 of our exclusive chat with B-movie and home video pioneer Charles Band, we heard about his early days working for his father, director Albert Band, and how his love of collecting movies led to his own home video distribution company on the heels of Betamax's success.

Indie Horror Month Video Interview Part 1: Charles Band on His Start in Films, the Advent of Home Video and More

Prior to animating puppets via an ancient Egyptian curse or introducing fans to the hilarious horrors of The Gingerdead Man, Full Moon Pictures head honcho Charles Band saw the future of home video years before most of us had even heard of a VCR.

Pour Some Trioxin on Me! Full Moon Pitting Zombies vs. Strippers

All right, we’ve already had a movie called Zombie Strippers, and there’s a Strippers vs. Werewolves coming from Britain real soon. Now Full Moon is getting in on the g-string monster-fighting action with their next production: Zombies vs. Strippers.

You Know You Want to Watch this Trailer for The Dead Want Women

Charles Band is putting the puppets away for Full Moon’s newest horror thriller. Instead this is a tale of zombies – horny zombies. When Eric Roberts rises from the grave, it can only mean The Dead Want Women.

Final Puppet Master X: Axis Rising Puppet Revealed! Meet WereMacht!

Charles Band has been rolling out the reveals of the four new fascist puppet terrors to make their debut in the upcoming Puppet Master X: Axis Rising. The fourth and final new addition is named WereMacht, and I hope for Band’s sake Rob Zombie doesn’t come looking for a royalty check.

Full Moon Reveals The Dead Want Women Artwork and the Newest Addition to the Puppet Master Family

Full Moon Entertainment continues to prep for Puppet Master X: Axis Rising by revealing yet another new scarionette, but first Charles Band will bring us something not starring killer puppets or other assorted puppet-sized terrors: an audacious zombie flick starring Eric Roberts.

Newest Puppet Master X: Axis Rising Terror Toy is a Real Bombshell

Though details regarding the plot to Full Moon’s latest Puppet Master sequel remain sketchy, Charles Band is slowly unveiling some of the newest homicidal marionettes set to rampage in Puppet Master X: Axis Rising. The newest addition to the Puppet Master family has just been unveiled, and she’s a real bombshell.