Fright Night

Does the Fright Night Remake Have its Charley Brewster?

And the first bit of possible casting news for the remake of Fright Night has hit the Net, and we have to say it's not too shabby. Has DreamWorks found this generation's Charley Brewster? Read on for more!

Fright Night Remake Director Now Official!

It's been a long, tedious road for the remake of the Tom Holland classic Fright Night, but the film finally has its director locked and loaded!

Fright Night Remake Finds a Director?

One remake that's having a devil of a time getting off the ground is DreamWorks' proposed retelling of the 1985 Tom Holland helmed vampire camp classic Fright Night. After a long time in the oven, it finally looks as if a director is ready to take the reigns.

Fright Night Remake Still In The Cards

I have a hard time mustering up anything besides disdain for this project, but the long-threatened Fright Night remake is on the table and could shoot sometime in 2010. Producer Mike De Luca, the guy seemingly attached to every other major genre release this year, recently talked about remaking one of the greatest vampire flicks of all time.

Screenwriter Named as Fright Night Remake Inches Forward

If there's anything that can make the prospect of a Fright Night remake by DreamWorks more palatable, it's the name of the screenwriter who's been tapped for the redux - Marti Noxon. Ms. Noxon has been in the business of writing about vamps and how best to bring them down since 1997, when she started working on the series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" over the course of 23 episodes.

More Fright Night Remake Talk

Remember two years ago when we told you that Screen Gems was in the process of getting a remake of Tom Holland's 1985 classic Fright Night off the ground? No? Who could blame ya! Talk of this happening surfaces every now and then, so get ready for the latest!

Two New Fright Night Commentaries!

The sickos over at Icons of Fright have fulfilled their promise of delivering more “pirate” commentaries today with not one but two exclusive commentaries for Tom Holland’s classic Fright Night!

The Fright Night Panel!

I missed the whole thing, something I’m kicking myself for now, but I hear the Fright Night panel at Fear Fest 2 was, in a word, epic.

Help Get Fright Night an SE!

I don’t necessarily know that these online petitions for special edition DVDs work, but they sure can’t hurt. The one thing that prevents a studio from putting out re-released SE’s of any DVD is their concern no one’ll buy it, so if they see fans clamoring for an SE of, for example, Fright Night, maybe they’ll finally make it happen.

Tom Holland Joins Fear Fest 2!

With Dread Central and Pit of Horror's second annual show just a few months away, the news keeps on coming! Hold on to your asses, folks! Master of horror, Tom Holland, has just joined the ever growing line up of ghouls and goodness that will be Fear Fest 2.