Frank Sabatella

Sideshow Pictures Unleashing Short Film The House That Cried Blood on October 30; Dig the Stills

After the success of last year's horror-comedy short The Night of the Pumpkin, Sideshow Pictures decided to drop the comedy aspect and returns this year with a straight-up tale of horror with The House That Cried Blood.

Watch Night of the Pumpkin Right Here, Right Now!

Here it is, folks. No more waiting and no need to cruise around to other parts of the deep, dark Internet. We've got Night of the Pumpkin for you right here in its goopy, seed-filled entirety!

Night of the Pumpkin Set to Drop on October 25 ... Gourds Rejoice!

If the candy and the costumes and the fact that it's the only time of the year you can scatter bones in your front yard without having the neighbors alert the authorities aren't enough for you to look forward to Halloween, here's a new reason: Sideshow Pictures is promising to deliver a great short film each year, just in time for the holiday ... and the first one, Night of the Pumpkin, is ready to launch.

Lionsgate to Celebrate Blood Night

And what's not to celebrate? Two horror heavyweights together in a slasher movie? Sounds pretty close to horror movie nirvana to us! Ready for the 411? Yeah, we thought you would be. Lionsgate announced today that it will be dropping Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet onto DVD on June 15th. The flick, directed by Frank Sabatella, stars Danielle Harris and Bill Moseley.

The Making of Blood Night!

Just the other day we mentioned Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet for the first time, pointing out that those of you going to Monster Mania this weekend will get a chance to see some very cool stuff from the film.