Franck Khalfoun

First Stills from and Official Synopsis of Franck Khalfoun's Maniac

Considering it's playing as a "Midnight" selection at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival, it's no surprise that the powers-that-be behind Franck Khalfoun's Maniac remake have started doling out a few goods for the film, including a trio of stills and the official synopsis.

Maniac to Begin Rampage at Cannes

Color us insanely curious about the upcoming remake of Maniac. It's going to either turn out incredibly well or pale in comparison to the still spooky William Lustig-directed classic. Either way, the people attending this year's Cannes festival will be the first to find out.

America Olivo to Mother a Maniac

Some interesting casting news is coming out of the IMDB (so take that for what it's worth) pertaining to the remake of William Lustig's classic slasher film Maniac. The cause of all of our killer's lunacy has been chosen ... and more!

Elijah Wood Not Messing Around on the Set of Maniac

If there's one thing you're going to take away from the following three behind-the-scenes images from the set of the Maniac remake, it's this - Elijah Wood is NOT screwing around. We like what we see!

See Through the Eyes of a Maniac

Some interesting news coming out of the camp behind the upcoming remake of the William Lustig film, Maniac. Read on for the chilling details concerning why you should heed the warning not to go out tonight.

It's Official! Elijah Wood Is a Maniac!

It can cut you like a knife, if the gift becomes the fire. On a wire between will and what will be ... he's a maniac, maaaaaniac on the floor ... *stomping feet rapidly in one place* Sorry ... couldn't help that. Well, the official word is here, kids. Mr. Frodo himself couldn't be farther away from the shire with this flick!

Maniac Remake Casting News Slices its Way Online

Some interesting casting news coming in for the remake of William Lustig's 1980 slasher classic Maniac. Who'll be possibly slipping into the shoes of the forever sweaty Joe Spinell? Read on for the details.

Hold On to Your Scalps! Maniac Remake on its Way

William Lustig's 1980 slasher classic Maniac is a hard film to watch. Not because it's bad but because it just makes you feel so damned dirty. This is due to the stellar performance given by the late Joe Spinell, who really amped up the sleaze along with the terror.

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