NSFW – Horror History: 8 A-Listers Who Bared it All in a Horror Film

NSFW – Horror History: 8 A-Listers Who Bared it All in a Horror Film

I can sit back and harp on how all of us boys (young and old) love to soak up the sights of the female body. But that’s pointless. Everyone, man and woman alike, knows guys think with the wrong head on a near constant basis. So you’ll be spared a lengthy introduction in favor of a quick segue into a list that may surprise you.

Bared it All

Betsy RueMy Bloody Valentine: My Bloody Valentine was a shocker. To the delight of hardcores like myself, the remake proved to be highly entertaining, boasting a number of scenes that truly pop and some awesome atmosphere. One of those scenes happens to be a genuinely interesting nude scene featuring the well endowed and on-the-rise Betsy Rue (I know Betsy isn’t a certified A-lister yet, but she damn well could be soon, as she’s headed in the right direction and already sports some impressive credits), who runs from a motel room in the buff, only to walk directly into harm’s way. Things don’t end well for Betsy, but she can walk away from the filming experience knowing she’s one of the sexiest women to ever shoot an unbelievably awkward nude scene.

Scarlett Johansson – Under the Skin: The last thing most of us expected from ScarJo was participation in a full frontal nude scene. But we got it earlier this year when the artsy but awesome Under the Skin invaded our homes. It’s a slow-paced flick, and it won’t work for every fan out there, but if you like slow burn psychological trips with jolting finales, you’ll cherish every minute. Especially the moments that feature Scarlett standing in a front of a mirror, not a shred of clothing on her. Uh, to die for!

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