Foreign Horror

Hear the Whispers of the Forest in 3D

On tap right now is the trailer for a new horror movie with some Chilean flavor! Whispers of the Forest is a tale of ancient evil roused by 3D technology! Imagine that!

Explore Jaume Collet-Serra's Mindscape with this New English Language Trailer

The English language trailer for the Jaume Collet-Serra produced flick Mindscape has arrived, and it's here to feed your head. Check it out, and look for more on this one as soon as it comes.

Vive la France! First Images from French Zombie Series The Returned

The first official images from the French zombie series "The Returned" have arrived courtesy of Sundance, and we have every one of them free of the dirt and splinters that come when you erupt from the grave.

First Trailer for Sundance Zombie Series The Returned Shambles In

French zombie series "The Returned" is creeping up on us all courtesy of Sundance, and right now we've got the first trailer for you. Check it out!

Spain Gets a REC Halloween Maze!

I vividly remember watching [REC] for the first time and being completely blown away. Still, no matter how great it was, the last thing we expected was that it would become one hell of a franchise. So popular is it in its homeland that a new Halloween maze has opened modeled after it.

Saw Into Our Exclusive Clip from Macabre

On tap right now for you cats is an exclusive and wonderfully bloody clip from the gory tale of terror from The Mo Brothers Macabre. Get revved up and dig it!

Two New Clips From Macabre Take You to Dinner

On tap right now for you cats with a bloodlust are two clips from the gory tale of terror from the Mo Brothers, Macabre. One is safe for work, and the other... well... not so much. Check 'em out!

Official Image Gallery for The Returned Now Undead

On tap right now are nearly two dozen new images from Manuel Carballo's (Exorcismus) new film, The Returned, and they're ready to take you out via a well placed head shot! Dig 'em!

Second Mindscape Poster Found on the Run

Another international one-sheet for the Jaume Collet-Serra produced flick Mindscape has arrived, and it's good to know that not even Spain in safe from the floating heads syndrome. Check it out!

Spain Traverses Jaume Collet-Serra's Mindscape on Halloween

We here in the United States won't be the only ones enjoying some tasty tricks and treats on Halloween night as Jaume Collet-Serra's new flick, Mindscape, will be hitting Spain on that ghoulishly wondrous day! Check out the trailer and artwork.

Artsploitation Films Releasing Horror Stories Anthology Today!

We learned back in February of this year that Artsploitation Films would be releasing the Korean anthology Horror Stories (review here) this year, and now the day has arrived!

New Line Has a Secret Remake in the Works

How's that for an attention grabbing headline? Relax though; unless you're a fan of Jae-gu Yoon's film Secret, you probably won't be getting too excited over this latest bit of news. Or too infuriated for that matter depending on your stance on remakes!

Gnaw on This New Zombie Shark Art and Trailer

Yep, the title pretty much says it all. Zombie Shark. Is there really anything else you need to know about this flick to get you to watch it? Yeah we didn't think so. You have your marching orders. Have at it!

ONECLOUD Entertainment to Bring Swedish Thriller Psalm 21 to Los Angeles on October 25

Live in Los Angeles and want to check out some little known foreign horror flicks? ONECLOUD Entertainment has you covered. Starting October 25th at CGV Cinemas, Horror Nights at CGV will kick off with Psalm21, a Swedish horror film from writer/director Fredrik Hiller.

New Artwork for The Returned Outlines The Safe Zone

If you want to keep your ass from being bitten during the zombie apocalypse, you better follow some simple rules, such as staying far away from the twitching corpse in question. A new poster for Manuel Carballo's (Exorcismus) new film The Returned illustrates this.