Foreign Horror

Bollywood Screams in Haunted 3D

The 3D craze has infected the entire world! Thankfully its popularity seems to be waning a bit here in the States, but that's still not stopping anyone from pumping these three-dimensional terrors out one after the other.

New Trailer and Clip - IFC Midnight's Dream Home

And the gory goodies continue regarding IFC Midnight's release of Dream Home. With the film set to debut on VOD on February 9th and hitting limited theatres on February 11th, we've got a brand spanking new trailer and more for you!

Exclusive: NSFW Clip - IFC Midnight's Dream Home

Nudity! Dismemberment! Evisceration! Ah, the joys of running a horror website! That's right, horror heads. Lock your office door and hide from your boss because we have a very not safe for work clip from IFC Midnight's Dream Home for you! The film will be released On Demand from IFC Midnight on February 9th! Synopsis:

Beware the Indonesian Beach Creature!

One look at the trailer for this new Indonesian monster movie called Beach Creature (or Jenglot Pantai Selatan if you're Indonesian) and you'll quickly realize Piranha 3D is proving far more influential than any of us have yet realized. Lots of scantily clad women and an aquatic monster wreaking gory havoc - looks like fun to me.

Israel to Take Zombie Action to Another World

Israel is throwing its hat straight into the living dead infested ring, proving once and for all that human flesh is definitely kosher! Get ready for your first look at Another World. The first zombie film ever to come out of the area, Another World is being directed by Eitan Reuven and stars Carl McCrystal, Zach Cohen, Susanne Gschwendtner, Davina Kevelson and David Lavenski.

I Saw the Devil (2011)

Reviewed by Kalebson Starring Byung-hun Lee, Min-sik Choi, Gook-hwan Jeon Directed by Ji-woon Kim

We Are What We Are Opens in NYC in February

Ah, the prospect of Mexi-cannibals. How we love thee. IFC Midnight's We Are What We Are, or Somos Lo Que Hay, is getting set to premiere in a couple of weeks, and we've got the details on where and when for you lucky East Coasters!

International One-Sheet Debut - Dream Home

Dream House. Dream Home. It's really easy to get confused today with all of the movies coming out with similar titles. What we're talking about here is the official international one-sheet for Pang Ho-cheung's splattery good flick Dream Home which we'll be seeing soon from IFC Midnight.

A Gateway to Hell Opens Up on TV

And strangely enough it wasn't on Fox News or CNN! What we're talking about here is yet another project from Dead Snow director Tommy Wirkola that's looking to take the small screen straight to hell.

International Trailer Debut - Jaume Balaguero's Sleep Tight (Mientras Duermes)

The international trailer debut of Jaume Balaguero's latest horror flick, Sleep Tight, aka Mientras Duermes, has found its way online just in time to add a little spice to your soon to be weekend fun time!

First Casting News: [REC] Genesis

The first new cast members to hop aboard the unlikely yet totally kick-ass [REC] franchise have been named, and you know what that means ... we're that much closer to [REC] Genesis finally getting made!

Rest in Peace: Toshiharu Ikeda

It's always sad to report on the passing of people taken before their time. It's even sadder when those taken are responsible for their own deaths. Evil Dead Trap was a strange little Japanese film that garnered a lot of notoriety here in the West. Sadly, the director of it is no longer with us.

IFC to Hit the French Horror High Lane in February

The French horror flick High Lane, or Vertige for you purists out there, is coming home to DVD soon, and we've got all the details you need to hang on tight! From the Press Release

Dance Your Ass Off with the Hindi Robot

Some things just can't wait until WTF Friday rolls around. If you have like twenty or so minutes to kill, you may just wanna check out this ... this ... oh hell, we're not sure what the hell it is.

Sundance 2011: Troll Hunter Q&A: Øvredal and Tosterud

Sundance 2011 is in full swing so of course Dread Central is there to bring you all of the genre's latest and greatest goodies! Below you'll find a transcript of the post-film Q&A with director Andre Øvredal and star Glenn Erland Tosterud - the men behind the sensation known as Troll Hunter (review here)!