Foreign Horror

Bizarro New Trailer for Shouf Shouf Zombibi

Well now. He's a trailer guaranteed to leave you scratching your head. Get ready for another look at the first ever zombie movie to shamble forth from the Netherlands, Shouf Shouf Zombibi. Whatever that means.

Extraterrestrial (Extraterrestre) (2011)

Starring Michelle Jenner, Carlos Areces, Julián Villagrán, Raúl Cimas, and Miguel Noguera.

TIFF 2011: New Teaser Trailer for Nacho Vigalondo's Extraterrestre

Another flick making its premiere at both the Toronto International Film Festival as well as Austin Texas' Fantastic Fest is Nacho Vigalondo's out of this world horror/sci-fi/comedy Extraterrestre and we're rockin' a new trailer to get you geared! Dig it!

Stateside Trailer for The Pack is Mighty Familiar

We in the US finally have our own official trailer of Franck Richard's The Pack (La Meute), which will be hitting U.S. shores on September 27th. But if you've already seen the UK version, then you've pretty much seen everything this has to offer.

New Rabbit Horror 3D Clip to Box You Up

When it comes to things that are weird, strange, fetish-fueled, and incredibly WTF, one really doesn't have to look too much farther than anything that comes our way from Japan. Case in point: the latest clip from Takashi Shimizu's upcoming terror tale Rabbit Horror 3D, aka Tormented.

There is No ESC from the Second Trailer for Echap

Horror goes online in the new French horror film Echap or (ESC), and we've got a brand new trailer that will have you hitting Ctrl + Alt + Delete in a panic to get away from the horrors that will appear on your monitor.

One-Sheet Debut for Oxide Pang's Sleepwalker 3D

A new one-sheet for Oxide Pang's (one half of the directing duo known as The Pang Brothers who brought us The Eye franchise) new film Sleepwalker 3D has made its way online, and we have every pixel of it right here for you to dig on!

Polish Zombies on a Rampage in Official Wataha Trailer

Man, what is with Poland lately? Every time we turn around, it seems that there are more and more horror flicks headed our way from there. Not that we're complaining, of course; it's just a bit odd!

Urban Explorer (2011)

Starring Nathalie Kelley, Nick Eversman, Klaus Stiglmeier, Max Riemelt Directed by Andy Fetscher

More Polish Horror Pounding Down Your Door - Night of Fear and Who's There?

The filmmakers behind Haunted Poland and The App Killer have even more horrors in store for you when their next two projects roll on in! These guys are on a tear!

TIFF 2011: Sketchy New Concept Art for Livid

Getting set to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival is the long awaited new film from Inside filmmakers Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, Livid, and to celebrate the event we've got some neat concept art for you to dig on.

Drive a Hyundai to Your Final Destination!

No matter how you slice it, commercials in foreign countries are so much better than the homogenized bullshit we have to suffer through here in the States. Ads overseas aren't afraid to be racy or inappropriate and willingly display more balls than you're ever going to find on our tubes. Case in point ...

A New Trailer and One-Sheet Face Extinction

Ever have one of those days in which you're wishing that the zombie apocalypse would just hurry up and get here? Yeah, we are right there with you. Instead we live vicariously through the carnage on film. Speaking of which ...

Full International Babycall Trailer Starts Screaming!

The full international trailer for the new Norwegian spooker Babycall has hit the interwebs, and though there are no English subtitles we're pretty sure you'll be to figure out what all of the screaming is about!

Claustrophobic New Stills from Italian Shocker Y/N You Lie You Die

Mama mia! You wanta new stills? You gotta new stills! However ... if you have a phobic aversion to confined and tight spaces, you may want to pass up the opportunity to dig on this latest imagery!