Foreign Horror

New Gingerclown 3D Poster, Sneak Peek, and Videos with Sean Young & Lance Henriksen

The folks behind Gingerclown 3D have released a slew of new goodies for the flick, including a poster, a special "Halloween Sneak Peek", and behind-the-scenes videos with co-stars Sean Young and Lance Henriksen.

AFM 2011: New Babycall Art and Imagery

Is there anything scarier than seeing a helpless child in a state of peril? Probably, but man, do we love watching flicks with kids in danger. Bonus points if they actually bite it! Where were we? Oh yeah, new imagery for Babycall!

AFM 2011: Korea Unleashes The Beast

Beasts come in all shapes and sizes - land roving, snarling, bipedal, you name it. Sometimes, however, the most horrific of creatures end up taking the form of your average everyday human, albeit a very disturbing average everyday human.

Livid - International Trailer Dishes Up Terror

Finally a trailer has arrived for the long awaited new film from Inside filmmakers Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, Livid, and even though it's in French, we're pretty sure you'll get the point! Check it out!

AFM 2011: Who's Ready to Sign Up for Some Brazilian Fear Therapy?

The country of Brazil is known for many things ... incredible asses, warm sun, and of course waxy ways of yanking out pubes, but now the ante is being upped to such a degree that therapy may be your only course of action.

AFM 2011: Bewitching New Trailer for Dunderland

More witchery is on its way from Norway in the form of the official sales trailer for the supernatural spooker Dunderland. We really like saying that title aloud. Try it. Dunderland. It's fun, no?

AFM 2011: Trailer Debut for Foreign Horror Flick Gone

And we continue to pile on the pre-AFM goodies, this time with the sales trailer for the upcoming Swedish thriller Gone, or Försvunnen for you wacky bastids who like trying to pronounce stuff!

AFM 2011: First Image and Sales Art: Babycall

AFM is kicking off soon, and we're trying to get you all of the goods we can before the show even starts! We're good like that! Next up to the plate: the first image and artwork for Babycall.

Them (Ils) Getting the Remake Treatment

No, it's not the classic giant ant flick getting reworked (though we imagine someone will get around to that too one day). What we have here is the French film Them (or Ils for you purists out there) getting the American redux treatmen.

A Trio of One-Sheets to Make You Livid

Excited for the long awaited new film from Inside filmmakers Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, Livid? Well, you're in luck, my friend, as we have two festival one-sheets and even the brand-new French one-sheet for the flick right here awaiting your peepers!

Four Clips From Haunted Poland Leak Online

Looking forward to the latest cinéma vérité fright fest from overseas, Haunted Poland (Nawiedzona Polska)? Well, you're in luck as four clips from the spooker just leaked online. Check 'em out!

Trailer and One-Sheet Debut - The Hunter 3D

Malaysia continues its horrific ways as yet another horror flick looking to haunt us to our graves is coming, and we've got a bloody preview for you that will have you grinning from ear-to-ear! Can you keep your head and not fall victim to The Hunter? The smart money is on "no!"

Oxide Pang's Sleepwalker 3D - New Trailer and Art

The international release of Oxide Pang's (one half of the directing duo known as The Pang Brothers who brought us The Eye franchise) new film Sleepwalker 3D is rapidly approaching, and to get you geared up, we have a new trailer and one-sheet. Dig it!

Thailand Goes 3D with Dark Flight

Thailand is ready to throw its hat into the 3D arena by releasing the country's first ever 3D horror movie, Dark Flight. Are they in time, or has the craze already taken off for greener pastures?

First Details and Artwork for Tristan Versluis' Sci-Fi/Horror Film Omni

UK special effects man Tristan Versluis is about to start shooting his second feature film in Berlin next month, a sci-fi/horror blend entitled Omni. Tristan is best known for his dark, delicious flair with beautifully bloody prosthetics and painstaking CGI work. Check out his showreel here, and read on for more details!