Foreign Horror

New International Teaser and One-Sheet: - The Party of Wolves (Lobos de Arga)

It's been several months since last we spoke about Juan Martínez Moreno's hairy new horror comedy Party of Wolves (or Lobos de Arga for you purists out there), but with the passage of time comes good things, like teasers and posters! We love that kinda stuff!

International Horror News: La Casa Muda Represents Uruguay at the Oscars; Spain Sticks It Up Almodovar's Ass Again

Two pieces of interesting international horror news recently came to our attention, and as always, we're passing the info along to you. Think of what a water-cooler stud you'll be when you say…"Hey, I heard that Uruguay is submitting La Casa Muda for Oscar consideration" or "Can you believe Spain snubbed Pedro Almodovar again!?" The ladies will be tearing their panties off for you. Literally ripping undergarments from their bodies because they are so impressed with your knowledge of international cinema. You're welcome.

Holiday Slasher Sint Gets a DVD Date and a New Title: Saint Nick!

Dick Maas’ yuletide slasher Sint (review here) stirred up quite a bit of controversy when it was released in its home country, the Netherlands. Just looking at the DVD artwork with the new Americanized title, I fully expect to hear about some angry American parents after they mistakenly pick this one up for their kiddies.

Two Eyes Staring (2011)

Starring Hadewych Minis, Barry Atsma, Isabelle, Stokkel, Charlotte Arnoldy Written by Elbert Van Strien, Paulo van Vliet

UK Discovers Horrors in Hidden 3D on DVD and Blu-ray

Killer kid flicks are always a safe bet when it comes to bringing the freaky goods, but when said killer kids are also scientifically spawned mutants hungry for flesh, things get a little more icky! Cue Antoine Thomas’ Hidden 3D, coming to Blu-ray in the UK on October 10th courtesy of G2 Pictures.

New Haunted Poland (Nawiedzona Polska) Trailer Creeps Online

The full trailer for the latest cinéma vérité fright fest from overseas, Haunted Poland (Nawiedzona Polska), is ready to try to send a shiver down your spine. Does it succeed? Read on and let us know!

J-Horror Enthusiasts Insist - Bite Me If You Love Me

Oh, those wacky Japanese! Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl director Naoyuki Tomomatsu has a new flick on its way! A schoolgirl zombie erotica comedy(!) called Bite Me If You Love Me, and we have the initial details for you right here along with the trailer.

Helldriver Parking on Blu-ray and DVD in November

Some more Asian carnage is getting ready to crash onto both Blu-ray and DVD, and believe us when we tell you there's no finer sight to behold than high definition entrails flying through the air. So good!

Fantastic Fest 2011: Penumbra Nails Distro

Fans looking forward to Cold Sweat director Adrian Garcia Bogliano's new film Gloom, aka Penumbra, starring Cristina Brondo, Camila Bordonaba, Berta Muñiz, Arnaldo André and Mirella Pascual, can breathe a sigh of relief as the flick has been picked up for release here in the States!

Grab-Happy New Teaser One-Sheet for 23:59

A new one-sheet for Gilbert Chan's 23:59 has arrived online, and as always we are there to scoop it up and deliver it right to your front door ... er ... monitor! iPad? iPhone? You get the idea. Dig it!

Get Blessed by Three Clips from Saint

While Rare Exports stole the majority of the Yuletide terrors attention (and rightly so), we're also big fans of the Santa slasher flick Sint (Saint), if only for the Black Peters. Man, that sounded weird. In any event three new clips are waiting for you! Dig 'em!

Phase 7 Comes Home to DVD

Another horror flick in the Bloody Disgusting Selects line is on its way home to DVD for you to dissect, and we've got all the details on what you can expect once it finally hits! Dig it!

Gold Circle to Spin Silk for American Audiences

Another remake of a foreign horror flick is planned for American audiences who are too lazy to deal with subtitles, and we've got every single detail you need to know about it right here!

The Hike Leads to Home Video in the UK

While we are still waiting for some news ... hell, any news ... about Stateside distribution for Rupert Bryan's The Hike, word has come that the flick is getting ready to hit home video across the pond.

Batten Down the Hatches! Sector 7 is Coming to U.S. Theatres

The unrated South Korean monster movie Sector 7 is about to make its way onto the US mainland, and we couldn’t be happier. South Korea's first 3D horror film promises to be slick, stunning and enthralling. Really a true gift to the horror fan. Frequently compared to Joon-ho Bong's 2006 hit The Host, Sector 7 looks to be just as effective with another mutant beast ready to raise Hades.