Virgil Films Goes into Foreclosure With Sopranos Star

We first told you about the haunting thriller Foreclosure, starring Michael Imperioli of "The Sopranos," way back in 2010, and honestly? We kind of forgot about it. This changes now, however, because the word out of the Toronto International Film Festival is that it's gotten distro!

Michael Imperioli Sends Horror into Foreclosure

Ah, young Christopher. He always wanted to make it in the horror business. It's too bad that damned Tony had to whack him before he really got a chance to spread his wings. It's a good thing for us his real-life counterpart got away unscathed.

Spooky Foreclosure Teaser Trailer

Another film looking for a 2010 release that looks to ride high on the wave of 2009's ghostly success stories is Richard Ledes' haunting opus Foreclosure. A teaser trailer became available today, and we must admit it's gotten our attention.