Filmax International

Title Change: Flatmate Hopes You Sleep Tight

Filmax International announced today that they have retitled the next film from Jaume Balagueró (the [REC] franchise) from Flatmate to something a bit more ominous sounding -- Sleep Tight. Luís Tosar ( Cell 211 and dozens of other Spanish films) top-lines the flick. Check out the synopsis and early artwork below, and look for more soon!

New Spanish Horror - Verbo

With American horror flipping around like a fish out of water and gasping for air lately, it's good that someone somewhere is getting things right. Sadly original horror films aren't exactly in abundance here anymore. Thank god for the option to import!

TItle Change: Exorcismus Becomes The Possession of Emma Evans

And we can can say goodbye to another cool title in favor of a far more wooden and lifeless one as the Spanish shocker Exorcismus has been compelled by the dullard devil to become The Possession of Emma Evans.

Be Compelled to Look at Exorcismus Art and Stills

Man, the devil really has been given his due lately, huh? Demonic possession is steadily becoming horror's go-to thing, and that's fine as long as it doesn't lead to the inevitable sure sign of the apocalypse that is The Exorcist being remade in 3D. Yep, that's when we'll seek religion.

Luís Tosar To Become Jaume Balagueró's First Flatmate

Flatmate director Jaume Balagueró is taking a much needed break from the [REC] franchise to deliver a new type of tale set in a place of residence. Word broke today that he has finally found his star to topline the flick -- Luís Tosar (Cell 211 and dozens of other Spanish films). Check out the synopsis and early artwork below, and look for more soon!