Film Festivals

Fantasia 2010: Day 4

Why the hell is this freaking serial killer tire movie so damn popular?! On Sunday we were unsuccessful for a second time in our attempt to see Rubber. The screening room was once again packed to the point that media seating was limited. Hopefully Fantasia will hold a third screening, ideally in a bigger room, because for some unfathomable reason there seems to be a serious fanbase for movies about killer tires.

Fantasia 2010: New Stills and One-Sheet - Neverlost

More goods are rolling in from the Fantasia Film Festival 2010, this time in the form of some new stills and a pretty damned cool one-sheet for the flick Neverlost.

Fantasia 2010: Days 2 and 3

This year’s Fantasia is taking a while to get off the ground horror-wise, and it wasn’t until the second evening of the festival that we saw the first real horror related film of this year’s program, the documentary Herschell Gordon Lewis - The Godfather of Gore (review here).

Fantasia 2010: First Event Information and Films Announced!

Several press releases went out today featuring some huge news coming out of Canada's Fantasia Film Festival including the first batch of films that will be populating this massive three-week long event. Pull up your chair, kids! You're gonna be here for a while!

Hatchet II and The Last Exorcism Confirmed for the UK's Film4 FrightFest 2010

The tenth annual Film4 FrightFest will be held at The Empire Cinema, Leicester Square, London, 26th to 30th August 2010, and they've just announced their opening and closing films. Read on for the details.

Fantasia 2010: The Shape of Things to Come

If you've never been to or heard of Canada's Fantasia Film Festival, do yourself a favor: Become acquainted quickly and get your asses up to the Great White North as it's an event that's not to be missed! Now for a look at what's to come this year!

Help Screamfest LA Give Back to the Indie Horror Filmmaker

Here at Dread Central we pride ourselves on getting behind a good cause, and few are more precious to our hearts than keeping the horror community as strong as possible. We have a chance for you to help out, and it will only take a second for you to do your part!

Get Ready for the Boobs and Blood Festival

Boobs and blood are two things I enjoy, so it only seems natural to combine them both into one hell of a movie festival. And you gotta love the title - you can't say you don't know what you're in for. Right?

2010 Dallas International Film Festival Honors Amber Heard and Frank Darabont

The 2010 Dallas International Film Festival kicked off this past weekend by presenting actress Amber Heard with the first DALLAS Shining Star Award on Saturday, April 10, at The Angelika Film Center, and on Friday, April 16th, writer/director Frank Darabont will receive the DALLAS Star Award for his many contributions to the film industry over the course of his illustrious career.

Shellter Lands its Tenth Film Fest Entry

It's been around six months since we've heard any news about Shellter, which bills itself as "more than a horror film", but today we got news that the flick has landed itself its tenth entry in a film festival.

Remaining Tribeca 2010 Film Festival Features Announced

Following up on our story about the first half of the Tribeca 2010 slate, the remaining feature films have been announced, and as we suspected, there are quite a few more genre gems that will be shown at the fest.

In LA? Check Out the Next Screamfest Night of Mayhem

In a continuation of its support of horror filmmakers and on the heels of the absolute success that was last month’s Bloody Valentine event, Screamfest LA’s throwing a FREE 'Night of Mayhem' mixer Thursday, March 18 in Hollywood, CA, at Kung Pao Kitty (6445 Hollywood Blvd. at Wilcox) starting at 7:00 pm until close.

Tribeca 2010 Announces the First Half of its Slate

The Tribeca Film Festival has announced the first half of its 2010 slate, and while only one film is pure horror, two more are categorized as noir, and there's also a "gripping psychological drama" thrown in for good measure.

Subversive Serbia to Debut at Fantasia 2010

The first sliver of programming news came in today for the 2010 Fantasia Film Festival, and as always Canada's premier festival looks to deliver a heaping helping of the kind of flicks we love to watch!

Several Genre Films Garner Awards at Fantasporto Film Festival

Fantasporto 2010, Portugal’s leading film festival, just concluded on March 6th, and not only did the UK's Heartless (review here) receive the Best Film Award, but several other horror films garnered awards as well, including Audience Favorite Solomon Kane.