Godzilla is King of the Worldwide Box Office, Sequel Already Announced

The King of the Monster ruled the box office in a big way, and not just in the United States. Godzilla crushed the world in such convincing manner this weekend that Legendary/Warner Bros couldn’t even wait until the dust settles Monday morning to announce a sequel is on the way.

Box Office: Just How Much Destruction Can Godzilla Do?

It's a given that Godzilla is going to be a big moneymaker this weekend, but just how well will it do? Fandango seems to think that Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have a blockbuster on their hands.

Fandango Launches Horror Website House of Screams

Looking to be seen as more than the online destination for movie tickets, Fandango is getting in on the Halloween fun with a brand new horror website chock-full of fun little tricks and treats. Learn all about it below!

Create Your Own Scream 4 Themed Fandango Gift Card

Looking for that perfect something to give someone you know who's a big Scream fan? How about a create-your-own Scream 4 themed gift card from Fandango? They're good for any movie at any theatre available for ticketing by Fandango.