Famke Janssen

First Look at 100 Feet Poster!

Sick of remakes as much as we are? God, I hope so. For that reason alone we’re looking forward to Eric Red’s 100 Feet. The story helps a lot as well; yeah, this one can’t come soon enough.

100 Feet Promo Reel is Live!

A brand new promo reel for Eric Red’s 100 Feet, which stars Famke Jensen as a woman sentenced to house arrest after killing her husband, unaware that his vengeful ghost is haunting the place, has shown up over at Arrow in the Head! I really can’t wait for this one, and this trailer only cements that anticipation. This sucker looks like it’s going to rock!

Ask Eric Red!

Earlier today we pointed you towards IGN for to check out a clip from the upcoming remake of the 1986 road movie thriller The Hitcher, which opens in theaters on January 19th. But we know what you really want; you want to hear from the screenwriter of the original Hitcher, Eric Red!

The Return of Eric Red!

Not sure how we missed it, but apparently the trades had a story yesterday about a return to writing and directing for Eric Red on a film called 100 Feet. This will be the first time Red’s been behind a camera since 1996’s under-appreciated Bad Moon.