Fairy Tale Police

Adam Green's Fairy Tale Police Now on XBox Live!

With Christmas right around the corner, it's only fitting that we spread a little holiday fear! Adam Green's short film Fairy Tale Police is now available on Xbox Live so get to downloading and laughing!

Exclusive: First Pics from Fairy Tale Police!

Just last week we had the opportunity to check out the trailer for "Fairy Tale Police", Adam Green's entry in the Xbox LIVE "Horror Meets Comedy" project. And now today we got an exclusive first look at a couple of stills from the short.

Trailer for Adam Green's Fairy Tale Police

Just a few days ago we let you know all about Adam Green's upcoming short for Xbox LIVE, "Fairy Tale Police", as part of their "Horror Meets Comedy" project. Now, lo and behold, a trailer has hit the net. You gotta give it to him ... Green works fast!

Adam Green Talks Frozen & More!

One of our genre's rising stars also happens to be one of the busiest guys in the biz. Adam Green has several projects in the fire and sat down with us today to give the lowdown on two of them: the feature film Frozen and his short "Fairy Tale Police" for Xbox Live.

Green, Adam (Frozen)

So when exactly does Adam Green sleep? That's been the question floating around here at the Dread Central offices and honestly? The answer will probably remain a mystery for eternity. Recently w